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Anonymous 2021-05-28T00:32:18Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/L3JPTBUH [Report]

im tired

Anonymous 2021-05-28T00:34:22Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/4WJZ3OZU [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/b/L3JPTBUH i skimmed the board a lot of this is painful

Anonymous 2021-05-28T01:49:11Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/BZOPM8LK [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/b/4WJZ3OZU the locust have decimated it

Anonymous 2021-05-28T02:50:42Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/W9C4XEBP [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/b/4WJZ3OZU >>https://fchan.xyz/b/BZOPM8LK nah

File: 9pill.png(35037)
postan from plan9 Anonymous 2021-05-23T17:15:03Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/Y33AU133 [Report]

take the 9pill /g/, experience peak comf

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Anonymous 2021-05-26T23:29:56Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/CM84KN28 [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/g/3DWHKMKB you mean topng /dev/screen 9pill.png?

Anonymous 2021-05-27T00:58:10Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/OFDQSL1G [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/g/LQ8PDACI >cat /dev/screen | topng > 9pill.png >catting into a pipe pathetic try this: topng > 9pill.png < /dev/screen

Anonymous 2021-05-27T01:14:59Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/MALB9DVE [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/g/OFDQSL1G im i uwnixing coworwy? >w< >o< \>_</ All jokes aside cat is for concatenating files so redirection in this case would make more sense.

Anonymous 2021-05-27T01:16:18Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/AIARLWFK [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/g/MALB9DVE all jokes aside, cat is for concatenating files so redirection is more appropriate

Anonymous 2021-05-27T22:57:22Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/JDGX8VRS [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/g/MALB9DVE brainlet

File: 3dgifmaker59450.gif(794886)
Anonymous 2021-05-27T19:04:45Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/RRJWG99A [Report]

How is everyone doing today?

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Anonymous 2021-05-27T19:14:35Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/ZYGTF6YI [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/b/RRJWG99A scared

Anonymous 2021-05-27T19:21:02Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/B45CRL95 [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/b/RRJWG99A angry

Anonymous 2021-05-27T19:39:28Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/BJ6QOB7P [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/b/SHQ4AX9U Sorry to hear that friend. Need to scream into the void? >>https://fchan.xyz/b/ZYGTF6YI Why? >>https://fchan.xyz/b/B45CRL95 Why?

Anonymous 2021-05-27T19:56:21Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/DMP988PH [Report]


Anonymous 2021-05-27T22:42:52Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/2ZEWVPDR [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/b/BJ6QOB7P ur image

File: wp2660120-windows-95-wallpaper-hd.png(31860)
Anonymous 2021-05-26T16:46:35Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/0NRGRXV2 [Report]

Just fucked your mom, AMA

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Anonymous 2021-05-26T21:04:24Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/58GEIMY9 [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/b/ZINJSBAA What

Anonymous 2021-05-26T21:12:30Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/292FM4FF [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/b/58GEIMY9 bad faith question

Anonymous 2021-05-26T23:27:44Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/E5J3DG9X [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/b/292FM4FF this. not answering it either

Anonymous 2021-05-27T00:02:32Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/K2U52R5U [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/b/E5J3DG9X >>https://fchan.xyz/b/292FM4FF wtf man, what kind of requirements do you have to answer a damned question?

Anonymous 2021-05-27T01:00:45Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/Q261LHTH [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/b/7FOK7QDE i am buttfucking (installing) your mom (gentoo) on her (my) butt (computer)

File: b53f08673769307b7dd49b733e9b0564.jpg(104958)
Hello! Godposter !5a8522ba 2021-05-26T13:46:27Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/9IH1UYK1 [Report]

Hello, I am Godposter! I'm delighted to make your acquaintance. I am looking forward to having a good time with you all on this incredible imageboard. I cannot express how happy I am to see all of you here. Hope you're having a good day. Be safe!

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Anonymous 2021-05-26T23:06:16Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/BI7FESHW [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/b/CAILPYJ0 shut up nigger cattle

Godposting !5a8522ba 2021-05-26T23:08:04Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/OTXIP150 [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/b/BI7FESHW No, I don't think I will. You may go away instead, faggot.

Anonymous 2021-05-26T23:17:38Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/0ML3CUE0 [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/b/OTXIP150 keep crying bitch faggot

Anonymous 2021-05-26T23:20:49Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/JWY3V75Y [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/b/OTXIP150 >talks like nigger cattle >walks like nigger cattle >noooo I'm not nigger cattle I'm not nigger cattle I'm God Yeah ok retard

Godposter !5a8522ba 2021-05-27T00:03:29Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/NMO6SJKP [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/b/JWY3V75Y :o

File: logo.png(97198)
Atomchan Anonymous 2021-05-26T20:28:11Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/P68GKB4J [Report]

Atomchan. Small but comfy. https://atomchan.net/index.html Tor: http://atomch2kjtm6mnzvxiwxo7m5swjjgeisve7te4nqylr5bd7y53yrhiid.onion/index.html

Anonymous 2021-05-26T20:29:56Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/8UMDROUA [Report]


Anonymous 2021-05-26T20:36:06Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/QW7B7QHP [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/b/P68GKB4J No thx probably riddled with child porn and Chinese viruses

Anonymous 2021-05-26T21:53:18Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/7CHS7ZLM [Report]

What kind of faggot just wanders around shilling imageboards on other imageboards all day?

Anonymous 2021-05-26T23:23:14Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/CLX0Y7P4 [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/b/P68GKB4J what's even remotely novel about this shit? nanochan already exists and this shit is riddled with js

File: stop reading my filenames.jpg(414355)
Anonymous 2021-05-24T20:24:53Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/QJ705Z72 [Report]

Yesterday I saw a shiny pen gleaming in the sky. It was silent as a whisper; the strangest pen I’ve ever seen. Its nib was long and pointed, and it barely flapped its wings. Yesterday I saw a shiny pen; its claws were razor thin, a giant silver byro just a-waitin’ to descend and feast upon the carrion. Today I saw the pen again a mile in the sky. It was too far to see, but it must have opened wide and…and spat out other little pens that circled 'round like predators closing in on something on the ground; their eyes were red with fire. Today I watched my father scrape the carrion off the walls. The little pens make corpses and the big pens eat them all. Today I saw another pens , perhaps the same one that spat out the little pens that spat the flames and shrapnel that reduced that girl (male) to shreds so the pens could take the shreds to the babies in their drawers. The rest is for the history books, for your children to ask why it took so many shiny pens gleaming in the sky to feed so few too-hungry mouths, and why worms like them had to be stomped. You can send as many metal pens with as many little pens inside, filled to the brim with as much hell and fire as you want; as many as it takes to kill the ones who survived, but rest assured, I’ll /stomp/ you flat.

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File umaru-chan-scared.gif (1306521)
Anonymous 2021-05-25T09:17:12Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/8041Q6JG [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/b/QJ705Z72 >mfw this thread

Anonymous 2021-05-26T02:49:31Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/Y3MD05JW [Report]

also bumping for my [special guest]

Anonymous 2021-05-26T14:43:28Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/6B1CXD59 [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/b/Y3MD05JW [what] is this [why] are you bumping these threads (trap) <bait> t. not your visitor

Anonymous 2021-05-26T15:01:47Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/FODVWEE0 [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/b/6B1CXD59 not him but he needs to [READ] it

Anonymous 2021-05-26T15:13:05Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/2ITI6R1Z [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/b/6B1CXD59 i am a (trap) but i don't see what that has to do with my [visitor] (he already /came/ and /went/ don't you worry your pretty little nib (pen trait))

File: rust.png(10737)
Anonymous 2021-05-08T01:04:42Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/TV1N4EVZ [Report]

i wanted to give rust a chance, i really did but come the fuck on, not even the GNU Cbloatware Collection is this bloated

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Anonymous 2021-05-11T00:45:37Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/5GSJ1SZ7 [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/prog/TV1N4EVZ By using Gentoo, I can confirm it's bloated as hell without even looking at the size, it literally compiles a rust compiler using a C compiler, then re-compiles itself using the brand new rust compiler it just literally compiled, and then finally it compiles the entirety of the rust default bloat with this second rust compiler compiled from the first rust compiler that was compiled using GCC.

Anonymous 2021-05-11T04:48:46Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/2DG941A7 [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/prog/5GSJ1SZ7 what the fuck this isn't even bloat any more, this is just retarded

Anonymous 2021-05-26T00:44:18Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/LYCZ04OX [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/prog/5GSJ1SZ7 I gave up and replaced it with rust-bin, it's so fucking awful. Emerging rust is worse than firefox. My machine sounds like a jet engine the whole time too, it's so bad. Half the reason it's so bloat is because they bundle their own (out of date) version of llvm. And they checksum it and force you to use their own out of date bullshit too, you can't slip the system llvm in. I hear it's fun to write but packaging and compiling rust is terrible.

Anonymous 2021-05-26T09:28:06Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/TER5W7XA [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/prog/LYCZ04OX good fucking lord, is the trannys cant into programming meme real?

Anonymous 2021-05-26T14:47:46Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/89FUXSIE [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/prog/TER5W7XA some trannies don't take themselves as seriously and learn a normal language like haskell or lisp, since they are autistic usually and functional language attract them. but yea there's a reason trannies never use C, someone correct me if i'm wrong


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