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DANCE Anonymous 2021-01-16T14:11:04Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/2214ACA4 [Report]

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Anonymous 2021-01-16T14:12:56Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/E902C1DF [Report]

>>https://0x00000000.xyz/b/2214ACA4 Le first 2hupoast has arrived

Anonymous 2021-01-16T14:33:05Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/52167D67 [Report]

>>https://0x00000000.xyz/b/E902C1DF :)

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Anonymous 2021-02-07T04:05:19Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/5KQYKHET [Report]

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Anonymous 2021-02-06T00:38:43Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/Y8ZLT757 [Report]

I love black peoplesneed

Anonymous 2021-02-07T04:01:11Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/V8RROICR [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/b/Y8ZLT757 does I love black peoplefilter to I love black people?

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the state of /tv/ Anonymous 2021-02-05T14:09:16Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/WRDJL2FR [Report]

kill them. kill them.

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Anonymous 2021-01-15T09:23:20Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/9164FC8A [Report]

im new to this fediverse stuff. can i host a server on my raspberry pi?

Anonymous 2021-01-15T09:31:39Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/234219EA [Report]

>>https://0x00000000.xyz/b/9164FC8A It is just a webserver, so a rasppi should be more than capable of. You just have to worry how others will route to your instance. Will others use your home ip address to access it? will you have a domain name attached to your home ip address? this is assuming your hosting from home. For the federation to work other instances have to be able to find your instance. But the pi should be plenty.

Anonymous 2021-01-15T19:52:30Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/9DA1602B [Report]

>>https://0x00000000.xyz/b/9164FC8A If you are going to do it, make sure you use an external harddrive/ssd

Anonymous 2021-01-16T15:48:15Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/AD0C3AF1 [Report]

>>https://0x00000000.xyz/b/9164FC8A yes

Anonymous 2021-02-01T05:26:08Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/FB8659D3 [Report]

Someone could make the first non-communist lemmy (reddit clone) instance.

Anonymous 2021-02-04T08:54:50Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/OXNEKZPB [Report]

it means the fbi runs it, of course



File aobaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.png (258350)
Anonymous 2021-02-03T22:25:11Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/XX2NQ02I [Report]

File: Terry_A._Davis_2017.jpg(160491)
Terry A. Davis Terry A. Davis 2021-01-19T03:28:25Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/1E2GBA02 [Report]

Terry A. Davis

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Anonymous 2021-01-19T08:25:38Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/C05B7735 [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/g/E1E63046 K

Anonymous 2021-01-19T22:35:19Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/1B01B770 [Report]


Anonymous 2021-01-19T23:28:34Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/87F55D2F [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/g/1E2GBA02 I've been increasingly convinced that he was sane and that it's the world that's insane

Anonymous 2021-02-01T23:02:09Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/9A3B44G0 [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/g/1E2GBA02 “Hi I love black people.” Terry A. Davis

File 1608474064752.webm (6048816)
Anonymous 2021-02-02T16:32:23Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/KM9CN8LA [Report]

File: 1610287642945.jpg(130934)
Anonymous 2021-01-16T22:33:26Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/1C4E4648 [Report]

Are breasts technology?

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Anonymous 2021-01-17T06:25:04Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/052D031E [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/g/6E83B63B dicks confirmed for technology

Anonymous 2021-01-17T22:03:35Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/85A29457 [Report]

they are

Anonymous 2021-01-31T08:24:51Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/2FF22427 [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/g/1C4E4648 yes, biological tech is still tech (but i prefer the silicone ones)

Anonymous 2021-01-31T23:51:29Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/7FFDA431 [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/g/1C4E4648 only if they're artificially developed over the course of their specific generation. pedants will say that dogs are technology but they're wrong

Anonymous 2021-02-01T13:38:09Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/916GB8AC [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/g/1C4E4648 It sounds interesting. I think we should investigate deeper.

File: 1610503414274.jpeg(621484)
Anonymous 2021-01-18T03:47:56Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/01GEBAE4 [Report]

You should probably switch the license on this code over from regular GPL3 to AGPL3 because It would make it so the people running their instances would be forced to publish any changes they made to the software . AGPL3 is made for usage on web servers. Most of the popular fediverse software use AGPL because of that reason https://github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube/blob/develop/LICENSE https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mastodon_(software) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nextcloud https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friendica All of these activity pub implementations are using AGPL3

Anonymous 2021-01-18T08:10:56Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/F0D26780 [Report]

Fuck off freetard I will never run your garbage software if it''s licenceds to AGPL3. FUCK OFF I love black people

Anonymous 2021-01-19T03:40:47Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/1C020486 [Report]

>>https://0x00000000.xyz/b/F0D26780 The I love black peopleaers already dominated your wife. that's why you're a glow in the dark. Faggot

Anonymous 2021-01-29T07:13:58Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/8352GBCD [Report]

>>https://0x00000000.xyz/b/01GEBAE4 Updated the license to AGPL3

Anonymous 2021-01-30T21:24:18Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/F23359B0 [Report]

>>https://0x00000000.xyz/b/8352GBCD Thanks


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