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Anonymous 04/14/21(Wed)01:36:48 No. AQ80ZPHM [Report]

>>fg-2KJ7ZJ46 → I'm on zeronet I like it

Anonymous 04/15/21(Thu)19:11:09 No. fg-R6HRCZ88 [Report]

>>AQ80ZPHM (OP) Recommend an imageboard.

Anonymous 05/11/21(Tue)18:01:01 No. fg-I1TFR8GE [Report]

>>AQ80ZPHM (OP) Technically there can still be censorship, because the one who has the Zite (Zeronet site) private key can manage the content of the Zite. Only boards i've tried without any censorship at all was freenet FMS and Sone.

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