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Anonymous 05/20/21(Thu)02:18:08 No. COX6W8E0 [Report]

do you know how you could communicate with other servers that use activitypub? it would be very cool to be able to communicate with pleroma and peertube instances through here

File Eteqe5HVEAAAwHv.jpeg (73.42 KB)
Anonymous 06/04/21(Fri)07:30:01 No. fprog-387IYIFA [Report] >>fprog-1PSH2WGO

>>COX6W8E0 (OP) What should a peertube interaction even look like on an fchan instance?

Anonymous 06/05/21(Sat)06:55:00 No. fprog-H1N8LHHP [Report] >>fprog-6CC0DQKP >>fprog-1PSH2WGO

>>COX6W8E0 (OP) wouldnt that lose the anonymity of a image board? i dont even get why people tripfag because if they want attention they could just post on pleroma or something

Anonymous 06/05/21(Sat)11:54:37 No. fprog-825Q4W7W [Report] >>fprog-1PSH2WGO

>>COX6W8E0 (OP) after the pen fiasco, i don't think we should

Anonymous 06/05/21(Sat)17:09:56 No. fprog-JTNVA9ZG [Report] >>fprog-1PSH2WGO

>>COX6W8E0 (OP) if you want to communicate with pleroma go to /pen/ from fchan

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