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Anonymous 06/29/21(Tue)08:24:59 No. IL6JTP6P [Report]

>>fg-Z55IEN3E → i think the gpl is just a massive troll on corporations >wanna use my code on your proprietary bullshit? sure, you just gotta do away with all your shitty copyright laws :) they are never gonna do it of course, even though it is the obvious solution besides, the restrictions are almost non-existent if you respect your users >you can't actually contribute to cucked projects if you gpl your code ftfy

Anonymous 07/01/21(Thu)23:33:09 No. fg-QPMRJUAY [Report]

>>IL6JTP6P (OP) >>fg-CFR7PIZD → >i pnwd the corpos!!! you are fucking worthless. the big bad corpos you hate so much literally just rape gpl projects for profit (see redhat), and the smaller ones just don't say they are using gpl and get away with it because who the fuck cares. what the restrictions actually do is make improvements incompatible with permissive liscence purely for ideological reasons, so linux will never be able to donate code to 9front or openbsd or any actual good software project. the silver lining is that gpl code is usually fucking dogshit so it wouldn't actually be useful anyways. both of you should be contemplating suicide

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