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Anonymous 08/04/21(Wed)17:47:40 No. QAJ7LBA9 [Report]

>>flit-PFHK1ASH → How close is it to today's world?

Anonymous 08/05/21(Thu)03:07:26 No. flit-A7JH34UJ [Report] >>VG5YND72

>>QAJ7LBA9 (OP) Closer than I initially assumed. Even in 1984 (((The Party))) only has a tight grip over the inner and outer party members, the proles, although manipulable when need be, are left for themselves, they are too ignorant to pose a thread. The main differences I see from %current_year% world is that open political dissidence is still tolerated and our overlords still have a sense, however distorted, of doing good for the majority. I don't have my hopes up for escaping dystopia, though. At some point some maniac will seize power not as a mean to an end, but as the end itself.

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