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Anonymous 02/28/21(Sun)00:51:15 No. QVNJU89K [Report]

>>fg-59QWVNBU → Its a federated chan. Run your own instance how you see fit. Even paying $30 for cloudfare. The current filter list is temporary because spergs love to go for the lowest hanging fruit. Haven't gotten around to removing it because I don't mind seeing spergs seethe.

Anonymous 06/15/21(Tue)02:29:20 No. fg-P6FP56BM [Report]

>>QVNJU89K (OP) word filters are not welcome. if you want to change the culture, then do that, don't force people not to say wrongthink because they're "low hanging fruit", that's just eroding free speech. Word filters are double plus ungood, if we were to describe it in a way that word filter proponents would understand (this comes from a book that has been long forgotten and rediscovered as a government manual)

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