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Anonymous 05/26/21(Wed)18:18:14 No. VQOJCL9H [Report]

>>fprog-XQJ0RBG6 → Hex is fine if IDs don't need to be unique outside of a thread. I like numbers for gets. I don't being visually identifiable at a glance is a big deal if the frontend shows (you)s.

Anonymous 06/09/21(Wed)01:16:29 No. fprog-BM52G95O [Report]

>>VQOJCL9H (OP) you can still get dubs with hex tho

Anonymous 07/01/21(Thu)18:42:26 No. fprog-TB4ZUAXG [Report]

>>VQOJCL9H (OP) just make the last 3 characters always be digits and have the rest be hex, then you can still roll for dubs.

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