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Anonymous 04/03/21(Sat)13:42:54 No. Y24T7X8O [Report]

>>fg-VF0POXSF → >Monero unbased. uses PoW >Lemmy unbased. has baked-in bad word filter that includes even such words as "feminazi" and "nigga" without the "er" https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/blob/15710a05958fb7e3ba7249ae6c928b54aac09e70/lemmy_utils/src/utils.rs >static ref SLUR_REGEX: Regex = RegexBuilder::new(r"(fag(g|got|tard)?\b|cock\s?sucker(s|ing)?|\bn(i|1)g(\b|g?(a|er)?(s|z)?)\b|mudslime?s?|kikes?|\bspi(c|k)s?\b|\bchinks?|gooks?|bitch(es|ing|y)?|whor(es?|ing)|\btr(a|@)nn?(y|ies?)|\b(b|re|r)tard(ed)?s?)").case_insensitive(true).build().unwrap(); It even matches "Niger" as in the country in Africa, lol. also, wtf is a "fagtard"?

Anonymous 04/03/21(Sat)15:02:52 No. BH8XXKG6 [Report]

>>Y24T7X8O (OP) >Lemmy has hardcoded slur filter The chapo people seem to be planning to make a fork that has it editable by mods. Also there's a similar federated reddit called lotide (https://sr.ht/~vpzom/lotide/) which afaik doesn't have a filter.

Anonymous 04/04/21(Sun)15:22:19 No. fg-N65KHYWB [Report]

>>Y24T7X8O (OP) >that includes even such words as "feminazi" Oops, I was thinking of an old version. My bad.

Anonymous 04/08/21(Thu)20:29:59 No. fg-6IOS9K6C [Report]

>>Y24T7X8O (OP) >hardcoded >open-source i fail to see the problem problem

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