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fg-LHGRW5CX what is best replacement for space in filenames, dashes or underscore? [View]
fg-B9ADF187 Is technology good for you? [View]
M0GN1G1W https://kozin1.space/ Tor: http://kozinmswacmsxglvocknk6mmljk2ompgeqnbvrmybfjceyzwbmkdvzad.onion/... [View]
fb-KHS0V8PD do whatever you want with this info name: shezad allaudin home address: 4806 commonwealt... [View]
fg-05M6L79B How do you /g/uys post on 4chan: No matter what I do I always get this message. >Posting from your I... [View]
fprog-XPQ580EN shit that triggers my autism: DEVCHAD FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY ARE THE FILES ON THE FChannel-Server R... [View]
fb-3Q0W2J70 New instance (Fedorachan): Hello. I've made a new FChannel instance. I am following the boards from ... [View]
fg-U4A0Q1M9 Reminder that he is too good for this world and we do not deserve him. [View]
fg-J1IFZCVI Sneedacity General - federated sneeding edition: Sneedacity https://github.com/Sneeds-Feed-and-Se... [View]
fg-ZT96R1AO What's your experience with tor?: I have my entire computer routed through TOR. And I also use the t... [View]
flit-86S04IWO I'm resourceful. I'm creative, I'm young, unscrupulous, highly motivated, highly skilled. In essen... [View]
fb-79EUM0QY Board wishlist: What boards would you like to see? [View]
fb-4BN7JFKG who is this and why do i keep seeing edgelords posting this image online? [View]
flit-90GT0W3E Has ChOVID taken your learning ambitions away?: Seriously bros, I have had so many issues with le... [View]
fg-LM0826QG Mice: Fedifellas, what mouse do you use? I want to get a new mouse but idk what to get, I want some... [View]
C288B6ES baka.tk: New board just dropped! https://baka.tk/ Come have fun and act retarded. Get rare GETs... [View]
fb-A3MC4KF1 https://infinitychan.cf/ come visit us! [View]
fb-OUXDNNIJ baka.tk: New board just dropped! https://baka.tk/ Come have fun and act retarded. Get rare GETs... [View]
fout-TD3NNLWS I touched grass AMA [View]
fg-FBRS5LVG Messaging thread: So fedifellas what are you using to communicate with your fellow autists and tech ... [View]
fg-B9LGLAZP mumble://dbuild.xyz: click the link don't be a dink ~ X0rGz ~ Zeeblus [View]
fb-0WWFV6IV how soon? [View]
fb-2FDOB0VK today i saw a spider hunt down a fly >be me >on my desk >see smol spider hopping >fly lands on t... [View]
fb-XD6ASHDE What the hell, can today get any better? I'm for open borders now. "The California teenager blast... [View]
fb-GT4KLZ21 Let's appreciate the Internet Archive. They're willing to host pretty much anything for free and gen... [View]
fb-PPA1INDF scream thread: rules: start a reply and scream irl while holding down 'a', when you run out of breat... [View]
fb-HDAMDSZB here is what the current federation map looks like i drew this by downloading the following json of... [View]
fprog-5LZBCB9V how do i use stdlib.h to infect users of my software with an std? [View]
fprog-6UJBBUTN Decentralised archive: Alright /prog/champs, here is a project for this year: >>https://fchan.xyz/b... [View]
fg-5OD0B4B7 I go to university for Computer Science in September, I'm extremely excited that I'm going for somet... [View]
fg-HU8INL4A Trump is gonna get the TCP timestamps: Democrats literally btfo you cannot spoof the TCP timestamps ... [View]
fprog-OFF4C8HU FederatedChannel Hacky AutoMapper v1.0: FCHAM is a couple of scripts for generating a graph with gra... [View]
A5294074 CUNNY: CUNNY [View]
fout-RYUWUO23 Based [View]
fw-QEFO0A6A Custom Wallpaper Thread General: /CWTG/ N-S-A UMU Edtion Post your custom wallpapers Thanks... [View]
fg-X4RKYUVE How does fchan.xyz works and how is it decentralized? : I want to learn more about decentralized soc... [View]
fg-H70BWDUT I just switched from Artix to Void, gotta say it's far more comfy (and minimal I guess). The only th... [View]
fb-VGKTK2KQ FREEDOM IS SLAVERY: *censorship intensifies* [View]
fb-USI8QLPF Hitler wont take us learners: remember covid only kills you if you're stupid enough [View]
fb-R5IQ1T0B don't forget to take your meds! [View]
fb-7AQ53391 Hƿæꞇ! Ƿe Ᵹaꞃꝺena in ᵹeaꞃ ꝺaᵹum, þeoꝺ cyninᵹa þꞃym ᵹeꝼꞃunon, huða æþelinᵹaꞅ ellen ꝼꞃemeꝺon. Oꝼꞇ Ꞅc... [View]
fcc-QP30CUQ8 BTC HATE THREAD: I hate BTC so fucking much I hope it crashes to 0 [View]
fb-1Y9T00M8 pouvez-vous parler le francais????? [View]
fb-FZW482NK >white paper >distributed as a digital file [View]
992BE564 God, look at the current state of fchan. I remember back then when there were no posts. Those were t... [View]
766C5AEA My dog just came into my room, farted, and immediately left [View]
fw-NIAPBCWT grub backgrounds: ideally they should have a large, mostly dark area so you can read the text in fro... [View]
fb-6D7HDGPY I hate penfags. [View]
fb-SWQ3MV3B Yeah I just jerked off-- what are you going to do about it? [View]
fb-91ZU2K5N Figured this would be the best place to ask so that people won’t doxx themselves. What bank / cred... [View]
fg-5BGQI2CD Any of y'all have a home server? What services do you host on your own? I'm planning to eventual... [View]
fb-PWMQ571F show me your federated face [View]
fb-MNIE9ERG https://horriblevideos.com/video/beheading-of-isis-soldier-431.html https://horriblevideos.com/vide... [View]
fb-JORTV4SE i hate peple of coler [View]
fb-A6N4DAOV test: >>https://fchan.xyz/prog/AF085BFA#6DGBCC91 does this work? [View]
fb-31FBK2DR soy: >here is what the current federation map looks like >i drew this by downloading the following ... [View]
fb-AZ5JZSMB lol xd [View]
fg-B8C6D9B1 FSF future governance: Good news fellow freetards. The FSF hasn't fallen to the woke corporationist ... [View]
fb-TRE7SXUP retarderation boards: imagine running a "federated" chan that nobody on the internet gives a fuck ab... [View]
fcc-37S9BI8W Nakamoto SAtoshi Nicolas van SAberhagen N SA [View]
fb-EQA71FEK . [View]
fb-2K0DGYTO . [View]
fb-BQSE2WAD . [View]
fb-KJLD52A9 [View]
fb-15L3NCUP News just ain’t what it used to be anymore [View]
fout-2KNLPZ8C Who here goes outside???? [View]
fb-ZFUD8KD6 How's your week going? [View]
fb-L3AUNF9V About the US. law rule What happens if my instance of this is out of US jurisdiction, that obviousl... [View]
fb-BA39W620 i kekd [View]
fb-5YK04U9B faggot [View]
fg-CUSQPIBZ Steam Deck: Have you guys heard about the Steam Deck? It looks like it could blow the switch out of ... [View]
fg-MYQE7LXI This is a genuine complaint against Void Linux. fucking top kek https://www.slant.co/versus/2722... [View]
fg-EOUHBZUC how to compress data for storage?: what is the best compression algorithm to compress a shitton of d... [View]
fb-NUMWOR0I why do we have more instances than users of fchan? [View]
fb-1ALUWM50 tfw /meta/ is more active than /fit/ /lit/ and /out/ [View]
fb-9E4EWCTD guadcwbtwnwhqq [View]
fb-G4XXROVF The only way to grow a new Chan is for the new Chan to find its own culture. Whats the culture of th... [View]
fg-C49KMJN3 Windows As A Service: you can not make this shit up [View]
fb-8GLYIJ8F wholesome thread: start wholeposting [View]
fg-MORL0KUT Onion instances: I have created two fchan instances that use Tor for access and federation http://c... [View]
flit-7Z709SHI >you agree that manga is literature too, right anon? [View]
fb-G7UQ3A7C Question regarding installing FChannel: I'm completely new to Go so bear with me. I've installed all... [View]
fb-UPLEUPGT The Weekly Chans: Get your latest news !HERE! [View]
fb-KMDZ7BAI Do any of you have any niche hobbies? I can play guitar, and a couple of brass instruments (i kno... [View]
fg-FC4DFD76 tor: AdminAnon you may want to get your torposting policy sorted out before some sperg comes and rui... [View]
fb-J7277N90 How many of you came from (4)chan? Be honest fedifellas.... [View]
fb-O5Z0NL6S Me at the beach preparing to make another gay fujobait thread about my frens (not real) [View]
4D10B1EE I plan to watch Lain. What can I expect? [View]
GEUSNPXF Cool Spot: Welcome to the Cool Spot. https://coolspot.xyz/ Tor: http://coolspotrm6ak66adrcfium... [View]
fg-BMAGA5JI i got my hands on a super old computer so i wanted to host a website and some other servers on it, b... [View]
fg-9FB213B7 battle station general /bsg/: post em [View]
fprog-R3T1OZUX .: lisp general [View]
fb-LVIRZ4RL Hey dev-chan can we get a /fit/ board so I can post about my sick gains and call everyone else a ner... [View]
fg-N15EU2P3 how do I find other fchan(nel) instances? whener i search for fchan all i get is furfag shit, and u... [View]
fb-RPB7F3SY text only thread: no images allowed [View]
fcc-YI9YANB5 Monero accusations and damage control: Why is the crypto world seemingly so full of scams? What cau... [View]
fprog-EE5OSZBV tell me pls: fellas, what is an erlang? [View]
9164FC8A im new to this fediverse stuff. can i host a server on my raspberry pi? [View]
flit-MO1UT3A4 can any philosopher explain why the admin keeps creating boards on topics with no demand? [View]
fb-9QIPG3F7 man if i had keyboard pants i would touch myself everyday [View]
fb-DT83FPNK Greetings. [View]
fb-6UDCUU69 iker bere yo kick abss and cbewmebbb bubble gim and jsm allnotueif bubblegem [View]
fb-7NRSGL5U 28chan.org: https://28chan.org/ come home white man [View]
fb-48MOXIKJ Woah! "Decentralized" board software ran by just 2 people, harvest data and promote censorship: Mult... [View]
fb-JSRCMJ58 Just got my second covid shot. Are my fedi-fellas also vaccinated?? [View]
fb-ZB84NUWX What the fuck happened to Fchan why does it look different now? You fuckers made it NSFW now! [View]
fb-Z6OO3H5J [sfs] - Sh*t Fedi Says [View]
fg-07A745EE Reject torrent, Return to P2P. Take the DC++ pill. [View]
14A42Y0C Discochan! [View]
fb-2DPTA197 Discochan! [View]
fprog-BG2CQYHC >pentards already fucking up this is what happens when you make being added to a global list be op... [View]
fb-HN0PJGS2 How was your weekend /b/? As a leaf I just had a wonderful long weekend [View]
fb-24ATQG1T I must go, my people need me! [View]
fb-I957S96U trees: did you know that breakfast is available all the time. all you need to do is go to a large ol... [View]
fb-GPK0EP4J You rocking with the new chainsaw man anime?! [View]
fg-FIDV40Q2 Since when is this... [View]
fb-UVOH5X3L Black person speaking, ama. [View]
fb-YPELDRBI Replaying to a post with based is essentially the same as an upvote on R*ddit. If you use based your... [View]
fb-65Q54TTZ free here: [View]
fb-1HKDTZQI Brb reclaiming my foreskin from the doctors who stole it [View]
fg-E95XAJ4N nigger [View]
fg-7BY67R5P was stallman ever wrong? [View]
fw-LX61PJJ8 This is my wallpaper I hope you like it bring back my gangstalking forum please [View]
fb-55U4QUEZ >Multich Project (0chan.vip and others) are mass-censoring threads supporting an ex-member after he ... [View]
fb-GPH77N2U Guess what: Secure tripcodes are implemented! [View]
fcc-D4TMJRQK NiggA: Nigga [View]
fcc-IFFPJYNW why is monero so hot bros [View]
fprog-XQJ0RBG6 What's a good way to differentiate anonymous posts?: Basically see the thread https://anonium.net/th... [View]
fb-5WM5D200 glad that there are so many new instances appearing, fchan will soon take over the fediverse pic re... [View]
fb-O2UCVKEW shart [View]
fb-RUN5AEPB Discochan! [View]
fprog-8642A89E >/prog/ >Not a textboard [View]
fg-70B1UVCZ All AMD Processors Since Phenom II Have BadBIOS Circuitry That Leaks to the Military: Title gives my... [View]
fprog-XUBY8VJ0 Setting up my own fchan: # Debian apt install redis apt install imagemagick apt install exiv2 ... [View]
fb-M5TSVHF3 Shinobu first post [View]
fb-DORYY0EE nigger [View]
fb-LP6FY04N Another instance... fchan grows stronger by the second [View]
fg-QJ1ALYZS Hi 0xChan fom Tor instance [View]
fg-78X3C0A6 Can we get a thread about objective OS comparisons going? Windows: >90% of games have native sup... [View]
fg-7UXLQHII CSS / Javascript for Fchan thread!: I'm going to be writing some CSS later for this software. I'll p... [View]
OG4H9WL4 Vox Populi: Vox Populi imageboard. The voice of the people. Come post and have some fun. :) https:/... [View]
fprog-183939AB emacs [View]
fg-1W3TDN6H All AMD Processors Since Phenom II Have BadBIOS Circuitry That Leaks to the Military: Title gives my... [View]
fb-V6VTT7LW frauculator [View]
fg-DVNGII5Y New thread with hopefully correct post order [View]
fg-58116X2V Come Home, White Man: Home sweet home. [View]
fg-GFDK6MAA Dumpster Dive Tech: Do you spend time thrift-shopping at second-hand stores, dumpster diving behind ... [View]
fg-LO3Z8495 /hpg/ - Headphone general.: Hey fedifags, just got a new cable and tips for my BLON-BL03's and gotta... [View]
fg-I31BT8YD What do you think of BLES as an alternative stack to LAMP? [View]
fg-OQA2AE9X I like the spoiler you added devchan, are you going to use it on NON blue boards too? [View]
fg-GG77GD4D let me upload mp4 fucker [View]
148C63BB What are you playing anon? :DDD I''m playing crash 3 but the vehicle levels really drag the game do... [View]
fcc-V8YGRJ8G so this is our /biz/? [View]
fg-Y33AU133 postan from plan9: take the 9pill /g/, experience peak comf [View]
fprog-F7I1GKYE Any arch/artix fedifags here? I made a fairly minimal AUR helper for automating pretty much any pack... [View]
fprog-NJ5VD3T8 https://github.com/Billy02357/shvirus I made this while bored What add now? [View]
fg-CUDJISRO Whats your fellas Browser homescreens? My old one used to be F-Bchan's /g/ board, but currently it's... [View]
fprog-ZBFXNRUQ I like the new post-hover... very minimal and sleek. Thanks devchan! [View]
flit-IKM7EN4Y What's your comfort book? The book you always go back to when you're bored or don't know what to rea... [View]
fg-13B0B16E Why not use cloudflare? [View]
fprog-921DE73Y How is it that in order to be very good programmer, you need to be very logical and mathematical, ye... [View]
fg-QF1TPXTL What's you favorite custom android ROM? I'm currently using GrapheneOS, but I just bought a new phon... [View]
fg-374771FE hey anon,what os are you using right now ? me pic related [View]
fcc-CXAJJLCI ĹOW Mcap Gems: Shitcoin thread alright fags just give me so low Mcap BSC orETH gems [View]
fg-38WLITMK nigger: nigger [View]
fg-2A4E5F94 Alright Anon(s), do I use the WaterFox browser or do the dive into GNU IceCat? [View]
fg-SV72E11A hey guys, got some anom invite codes. lmk if you want in on this new highly secured communication `a... [View]
fg-6FLD0Z6P /dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? [View]
fg-ZKW9ZT57 dreamtime: I downloaded dreamtime on a spare computer to see if the nudification is worth anything, ... [View]
fg-3DF09A70 What''s the final verdict on systemd? [View]
DE8B607A >>Go check my mailbox for Popeyes coupons >>Get KFC coupons for chicken sandwiches THE FEDS ARE ... [View]
398CDBC2 Hitomi-chan is cute! Please read her manga! [View]
fg-B2AKCMUK Why is it so /comfy/ bros...?: Basedware is here folks. [View]
fg-DS1T234D Why do I need to enable java-script to see images here? [View]
2P7CY03Y Fedchan!: Fucking winning!!! [View]
fg-C5438C78 Lua: Lua [View]
fg-5QDZDI1W do sjws give root privileges to all their users, or they completely remove the root user so that nob... [View]
fg-7C788821 I still don't understand federation. [View]
fcc-ZGDKU6HP ok how do i get into fake internet money [View]
fcc-YVV46KD5 why was this board created? >inb4 "to talk about cryptocurrency xD" i mean why as in "motivation f... [View]
fprog-TV1N4EVZ i wanted to give rust a chance, i really did but come the fuck on, not even the GNU Cbloatware Coll... [View]
fprog-AGAUVIB2 leaving the bracket on the same line is better because it makes the source code smaller and thus red... [View]
3B401071 YLYL: First on fchan, hope it works this time [View]
BDG1613C Is this where we post gay furry porn? [View]
E1D2A9FC nigger: You''re a nigger. You''re a fucking nigger. You fucking nigger you''re a nigger. [View]
E0520EF5 What are the rules of this board? If we don''t have any rules yet, I suggest we make a board for th... [View]
E99AB509 hello [View]
86E26EAD beef boy on the fediverse [View]
fg-TS85UT93 do you guys think that plan9 namespaces could do the same thing as qubes vm's without being bloated ... [View]
57A65B76 webm test [View]
fg-EC52033E my ISP blocked me from making threads on 4chan, any help to bypass that? [View]
fg-3489DC4F Free your computer from proprietary software today! Install the GNU operating system with Linux adde... [View]
EEAD48G6 What browser are you using, anon? I use ungoogled-chromium [View]
fprog-1606BEVL How do you type out your pointers: int* ip or int *p [View]
fg-LFIEMPJ3 reminder that tor, zeronet and similar alternatives are the only legit option. bittorrent is decentr... [View]
fg-YCSZTZDY niggеr: [View]
fg-TZHZCE42 >be me >AI researcher >finally discovered how to create a human-like AI >turns out it is pretty c... [View]
1804F323 who else plucks out their beard hairs and uses them to floss their teeth? [View]
fg-10KWJP5I Dark Mode: A Return to Tradition: Who else is looking forward to everything finally having dark mode... [View]
fprog-1TOIV0D3 Cross Imageboard Login System Idea: I've had this idea for some time, and have shared it on and off.... [View]
IV44JPVL How can you federate two fchan image boards? There are no concrete instructions on the GitHub [View]
02D1AB17 bonbi [View]
A2CD0CC0 Newfags can't triforce   ▲ ▲ ▲ [View]
fg-4UU9OBWU is there any point to minifying javascript and css if your server already compresses the files it se... [View]
fprog-5B89B1E3 testing [View]
159C3F2G >tfw no gf [View]
fprog-44DBNWS5 Fchan eats posts with wrong filetype: >be me >write life story >attach svg image >fatal mistake ... [View]
8L5PWWSL Free software song: bottomtext [View]
fg-1071B403 Did you really think you could escape me iToddlers? Lol. ITODDLERS ETERNALLY BTFO [View]
fg-ADW2IH2H This is test: Test is this [View]
fg-712BF6VE Is this the final red pill? [View]
fprog-BBC99398 Is there a Matrix channel we can follow along dev progress in? I'm quite interested in this project,... [View]
fprog-F6926VVH Interfacing with Fchan: I'm making my own chan, because there weren't enough chans already. So how c... [View]
015401F3 why is so slow on my machine? [View]
fg-EBE1843D what [View]
fg-33DHOZEH ';DROP TABLE actor;: >Fchan >Not written in F# [View]
fg-A1EF382C Which do you prefer? Do they both function the same or does one do something the other doesnt? [View]
fg-0E97E159 Hi everyone! If I was interested in creating my own imageboard how would I accomplish that? [View]
fg-LQK9AQ0B a: a [View]
E657C8F7 l: [View]
06GG19AD 404 images: any paint pros out there? I could use some 404 images. Even if not pro, it would be nice... [View]
1F460875 Хаххаххахххххх [View]
fg-2777734C Rise: The beginning is now. [View]
fg-1TCGBG9J The average linux user [View]
fg-1960E1E1 Post cute tech. [View]
FE3203F0 There is an extreme pleasure that I have in seeing this site, with the old school chan look, it''s v... [View]
fg-01U0RXTK The king is back: Richard Matthew Stallman is finally back in the fsf GLORY TO THE KING [View]
fprog-VL6C5XZV nigger: nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger [View]
fg-LIBIOMK1 i dont think this chan will last very long [View]
fg-WZVXWRQ2 OFFICAL DAB ON WII love black peopleS THREAD: Have no idea how to use a Unix-like operating system a... [View]
fprog-021AG738 What are you programming?: What are you programming or wanting to program? I often have a hard time ... [View]
727K9IPL Akari the destroyer [View]
fg-TKXE0C0J What is this?: Just another chan or does it have some special features? [View]
fg-08F6462A is coding good for you? [View]
fg-I5T6FMFZ What is this garbage? Been hearing about it a lot lately. Do they really believe that the conversati... [View]
fg-8E0F9F7A Why are maids the best?: [View]
Z6HO7JIE cyka blyat [View]
2214ACA4 DANCE: [View]
fg-1E2GBA02 Terry A. Davis: Terry A. Davis [View]
fg-1C4E4648 Are breasts technology? [View]
01GEBAE4 You should probably switch the license on this code over from regular GPL3 to AGPL3 because It would... [View]
fg-CA2E8FD7 So what''s the point of installing Linux again? It''s literally an app. [View]
fg-971G990A how is this bug still not fixed? [View]
9F269FF9 Remember when /b/ was good? [View]
fg-1C1582FE I need some good TOR links where I can buy questionable stuff. NO CP just cool shit [View]
fprog-3AE17500 long Lain is long.: long Lain is long. [View]
fprog-6894A80B wat [View]
fprog-C17E93CF Hello workd: Inglewooood. I hope you like my IP [View]
fprog-FFCF2AD4 How do I subscribe to another fchan from this fchan? [View]
fprog-42345B85 Enjoy the drink [View]
fprog-B516579A Let''s all love Lain! [View]
fg-714F85EG Is there a 8-bit PC version of talk/ntalk/ytalk? [View]
fg-A96714A8 what le fug :D this is so based, how do i join? [View]
fg-AB8018C4 Admin, do you have a way for people to contribute? [View]
fg-EF8DF16B CSS >links arent blue so you dont really know if it is one >huge fucking wall of nothing on the to... [View]
fg-949695ED I want to install GNU/Linux on my laptop, its an Asus zephyrus. I used Unetbootin to install Ubuntu ... [View]
fg-25FB4DC5 when are you going to switch to Linux Mint and get real world work done? [View]
fg-47269ED6 #include <I love black peoplestream> int main () { std::cout << "you ... [View]
538544F4 so how was your weekend b?: [View]
9B31E64D Are we winning? [View]
11237025 why are do post numbers have letters in them? also first frogpost of fchan [View]
A89CGFF5 >Put your mother in a straight-jacket you punk ass white boy. Come here and tell me that, I'll fuck ... [View]
fg-ADBB7D7D owo what's this [View]
fg-7EFD0580 test [View]
F27A5D92 This is a post to 0xChan from fchan [View]
3FE7DC36 Is 4chan getting ddos''ed or what [View]
F1FB59CA Its the 21st century. Are you optimistic about the future of civilization? [View]
20C5C24A Wav Test: [View]
964BBD84 Test: Test [View]
BE75E637 dubs [View]
77622F75 test [View]
E643BFDE Can I post? [View]
51B3E078 Bane? [View]
A529C095 add /g/: add /g/ or /tech/, /prog/, /sec/, whatever you like really [View]
18C158A2 have sex: fagbot [View]
D15F34F1 something here: I''ll try posting here and I''ll see if it posts to the other. it''s an interesting ... [View]

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