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Anonymous 08/12/21(Thu)08:25:27 No. fb-KK9MI3HQ [Report]

which one of you faggots sent a glowing scrapper bot to my onion service some 8~9 hours ago?

File 2021-08-12-092135_416x617_(...).png (58.16 KB)
Anonymous 08/12/21(Thu)13:22:14 No. fb-6UTBO1L3 [Report]

>>fb-KK9MI3HQ (OP) i would never

File wiki scrape.png (92.06 KB)
Anonymous 08/14/21(Sat)07:40:29 No. fb-7TQKRN7V [Report] >>fb-AT70FPY6

>>fb-KK9MI3HQ (OP)

Anonymous 08/14/21(Sat)22:35:56 No. fb-AT70FPY6 [Report] >>fb-MD3WB3S3 >>fb-WG06LZ7L

>>fb-7TQKRN7V what the fuck is this?

Anonymous 08/14/21(Sat)23:36:38 No. fb-MD3WB3S3 [Report]

>>fb-AT70FPY6 >wiki scrape.png

Anonymous 08/15/21(Sun)05:19:51 No. fb-WG06LZ7L [Report] >>fb-TU086B5C

>>fb-AT70FPY6 Some autist has a "Darknet" page that they spam across a bunch of onion wikis, the formatting is so so fucking bizarre that it looks like a scraper.

Anonymous 08/15/21(Sun)15:06:07 No. fb-TU086B5C [Report]

>>fb-WG06LZ7L that actually sounds pretty cool. do you have the link?

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