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How do you create a new board? Anonymous 09/10/21(Fri)20:21:09 No. fb-WO8KOHVN [Report]

How do you create a new board? How does the federation work -- when I tried to go to /amh -- a board findable here (http://kyogi7dxn3mr6a7eabaqh3jnxbbqbhty46aqstuhmqmokcxgr4vnbpid.onion/amh) -- on this site, I just got a "404 no path" error. Sorrrry for being a newb.

Anonymous 09/11/21(Sat)01:02:10 No. fb-K7NC4U40 [Report] >>fb-1KJ4MK37

>>fb-WO8KOHVN (OP) >>>amh is only on kyogi, each site can have their own different boards. I think a couple other instances have /a/ or /amh/, you've just gotta find them

Anonymous 09/11/21(Sat)01:02:57 No. fb-1KJ4MK37 [Report]

>>fb-K7NC4U40 accidental greentext whoops!!!!!!

Anonymous 11/10/21(Wed)21:34:13 No. fb-A978RDWH [Report]

>>fb-WO8KOHVN (OP)

Anonymous 11/11/21(Thu)04:44:40 No. fb-LPE3NSJ4 [Report]

>>fb-WO8KOHVN (OP) does she have a third hole!?

File dlord_fight.gif (1.25 MB)
Anonymous 11/13/21(Sat)01:22:27 No. fb-3MEEZR3K [Report]

>>fb-1KJ4MK37 whoopsie doopsie

Anonymous 11/26/21(Fri)17:47:56 No. fb-XEKNZW66 [Report]

>>fb-WO8KOHVN (OP) who is she?

Anonymous 11/26/21(Fri)19:27:37 No. fb-KKUBONJZ [Report]

>>WO8KOHVN Dud that hoe got an extra butthole

Anonymous 11/26/21(Fri)19:28:01 No. fb-8GMSYSEZ [Report]

>>WO8KOHVN Dude that hoe got an extra butthole

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