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File: Screenshot_20210925_115556.png (17.00 KB)
What does this mean? Anonymous 09/24/21(Fri)23:57:26 No. fb-6A033F6L [Report]

I've been getting this spam on XMPP for two months now, what the fuck does this mean?

File: main-qimg-ff3675093dc4aad5(...).jpg (71.42 KB)
Anonymous 09/19/21(Sun)19:11:51 No. fb-DG7VA4OK [Report]

I feel a deep resentment for rich people that spend their money on absolutely stupid shit like multiple luxury cars, 500$ T-shirts, 1000$ bottles of wine, etc. This is especially true for niggers. Everytime I see some spoiled boomer in a Porsche or a Ferrari, I want to blow his brains out and ride off into the sunset with his wheels. I would like to imagine that if I had such money, I would put to better use than material masturbation. Building infrastructure, helping poor members of my race, influencing politics, I can think of a million better things to do with such fortunes. Anyway, what's your position on such matters?

Anonymous 09/19/21(Sun)22:42:17 No. fb-8TK221OE [Report]

>>fb-DG7VA4OK (OP) those boomers and not rich the truely rich hide in the shadows and do influence politics to answer you question if i was rich i would probably buy multiple houses in remote parts of the world and use starlink to connect to the internet

Anonymous 09/20/21(Mon)13:48:56 No. fb-HAHD3CER [Report] >>fb-13CGGKNE

>>fb-DG7VA4OK (OP) I agree, blowing your money on luxury cars is a waste. Maybe one if you have an extremely large amount of money, but I'd rather something expensive and efficient, not something that i could just jerk off to because of how pretty it looks. I would probably just buy a lot of land in a sparsely populated area and help build infrastucture (mainly power and internet) so that I could live a good life out there and possibly help others attain the services that I would like.

Anonymous 09/24/21(Fri)00:27:59 No. fb-13CGGKNE [Report] >>fb-DHL4HULL

>>fb-HAHD3CER That's a good idea. My life goal is to have enough money to start a sovereign city-state like Singapore.

Anonymous 09/24/21(Fri)21:35:33 No. fb-DHL4HULL [Report] >>fb-5KSMCVS2

>>fb-13CGGKNE kek, I don't want to get out of control like that. I just want something peaceful and small, but still want to help the few people that live near me

Anonymous 09/24/21(Fri)23:05:12 No. fb-5KSMCVS2 [Report]

>>fb-DHL4HULL Want to build a neighborhood in my city-state?

File: fchan.png (37.23 KB)
Anonymous 01/14/21(Thu)03:21:29 No. fprog-AF085BFA [Report]

This site is based on the activity pub protocol. It is still a work in progress. You can get the source code here. https://github.com/FChannel0 I hope it provides some interest.

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Anonymous 09/20/21(Mon)23:23:39 No. fprog-Q3QSJBZ8 [Report] >>fprog-X3PL8FPX

>>fprog-SXB3WVOC >>fprog-7NN98XF0 >>fprog-6X19OD15 nigga post this shit on 2hu-ch.org/cc stop shitting up /prog/

Anonymous 09/22/21(Wed)16:35:28 No. fprog-UP0DW5WW [Report] >>fprog-OGU4NI74

>>fprog-AF085BFA (OP) sad times my dudes it is over, devchan is dead. Does not post here and does not commit to repo time to fork the repo and continue development

Anonymous 09/22/21(Wed)18:24:47 No. fprog-OGU4NI74 [Report] >>fprog-VMIEY1TU

>>fprog-UP0DW5WW yes i am dead. summer just ended and i had little motivation to work on fchannel since i was occupied doing other things. summer is over and will have designated hours ill be putting in work. what i have been working on is moving the routing to the framework that was recommended in /meta/ gofiber while cleaning up the code structure since it has none at the moment. i have a long list of things that need to be implemented, but to not clean up the code base first and just keep patching thing together will cause even more headaches down the line.

Anonymous 09/24/21(Fri)10:46:10 No. fprog-VMIEY1TU [Report]

>>fprog-OGU4NI74 welcome back speaking of being dead, did you consider reducing "bus factor" of FChannel-Server? So that development can be continued without forking in case that you have to go away for much longer?

Anonymous 09/24/21(Fri)17:54:49 No. fprog-X3PL8FPX [Report]

>>fprog-Q3QSJBZ8 do you think running websites is free? Fchan either becomes financially sustainable or it's dead in the water.

File: vaporchan.jpg (441.20 KB)
Vaporchan Anonymous 09/24/21(Fri)01:14:10 No. fb-615483YE [Report]

Hitch a ride, to Vaporchan. https://vaporchan.org/ Tor: http://vaporch77bpoembk4l6jch4s2ozw76kwxo22lmysq6geeiectrg4sxyd.onion/

Anonymous 09/24/21(Fri)03:23:24 No. fb-WSW6VDTD [Report]

>>fb-615483YE (OP) How contrived and trite.

Anonymous 09/24/21(Fri)14:31:34 No. fb-6CU4RI84 [Report]

>>fb-615483YE (OP) >Vaporwave >TYOOL 2021 Not going to make it

sage 09/24/21(Fri)18:02:27 No. fb-YHG2BKKO [Report]

>>fb-615483YE (OP) yay.......a generic theme

File: polygon.png (76.01 KB)
Anonymous 09/24/21(Fri)11:06:32 No. fcc-0CSJ1VZC [Report]

Outside of dchan is there any other use for MATIC?

File: 3.jpg (387.59 KB)
Animals newbie 09/16/21(Thu)13:32:42 No. fw-LAKW3N0N [Report]

i'm gonna fill up this board a little and you can't stop me from doing this

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File 1600910839973.jpg (3.00 MB)
newbie 09/16/21(Thu)13:38:38 No. fw-G9LOD1DN [Report]

File 1601054617462.jpg (279.53 KB)
newbie 09/16/21(Thu)13:38:58 No. fw-44S9DB3E [Report]

File 1602125989782.jpg (83.63 KB)
newbie 09/16/21(Thu)13:39:09 No. fw-B7V7GTOH [Report]

File 1604285550793.jpg (2.66 MB)
newbie 09/16/21(Thu)13:39:53 No. fw-3CPBJ34K [Report]

Anonymous 09/24/21(Fri)10:57:29 No. fw-EKBGXLRD [Report]

>>fw-LAKW3N0N (OP) by all means keep going

File: 1502528201360.webm (2.99 MB)
in the red Anonymous 09/24/21(Fri)06:57:17 No. PPAHOQOZ [Report]

File: tumblr_pnrakiqQi61uxfxhd_5(...).jpg (60.19 KB)
Anonymous 09/23/21(Thu)01:17:36 No. fb-ZLRKXHZ1 [Report]

Should these chain boards have themes, or are we going to stay like this?

Anonymous 09/23/21(Thu)02:38:05 No. fb-E3W7T87D [Report] >>fb-M2726Y2Z

>>fb-ZLRKXHZ1 (OP) there was a pull request that was merged with development that enabled theme selection. the first theme made is a dark theme. its still onlyon in development because there are some rendering bugs to resolve. some instances are running the themed version.

Anonymous 09/23/21(Thu)21:57:30 No. fb-M2726Y2Z [Report]

>>fb-E3W7T87D Eh, that's alright.

File: 1621649151016.jpg (151.22 KB)
Anonymous 07/25/21(Sun)03:34:56 No. fb-KL1T6Q1O [Report]

did the newfags from cuckchan start necroposting??? look what you fucking did you shill

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Anonymous 08/20/21(Fri)21:39:43 No. fb-Q2M8U4HH [Report] >>fb-D8C7N25N

>>fb-KL1T6Q1O (OP) necro'd

Anonymous 08/20/21(Fri)23:51:34 No. fb-D8C7N25N [Report]

>>fb-Q2M8U4HH OP here, give me 5 reasons why i shouldn't rape you to death

Anonymous 09/21/21(Tue)22:42:38 No. fb-6CRY73HB [Report]


Anonymous 09/21/21(Tue)22:49:51 No. fb-KNNVNQDE [Report]

>Necro is bad I never understood why forum niggers are like this. Bumping old shit is based and is better than starting new threads about same topics because you already have a whole thread.

Anonymous 09/23/21(Thu)20:19:34 No. fb-KG9AUAN2 [Report]

>>fb-KL1T6Q1O (OP) >nothing >literally nothing #raped

File: 1616744061126.jpg (73.46 KB)
COOOOMMMMM Anonymous 03/26/21(Fri)20:23:46 No. 235U1WK1 [Report]

First booba thread. Screncap this.

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Anonymous 08/09/21(Mon)16:03:25 No. XBS4SNFA [Report] >>fb-EJD2WZDC

Any1 got more booba + no makeup on?

File lola.1509517674611.webm (632.85 KB)
Anonymous 09/21/21(Tue)17:42:49 No. fb-CTXHZ6IY [Report]


Anonymous 09/22/21(Wed)01:29:22 No. fb-X02XVYLQ [Report]

>>fb-J8R30MKV i stole it. sorry m8 the early bird catches the worm

File f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7(...).jpg (82.50 KB)
Anonymous 09/23/21(Thu)10:01:50 No. fb-AZO9W8X2 [Report]

>>fb-DNQMBDV1 repulsive 3dpd whore

File 1627571886749.jpg (111.99 KB)
Anonymous 09/23/21(Thu)18:22:30 No. fb-EJD2WZDC [Report]


File: JPEG_XL.png (25.39 KB)
JPEG XL support Anonymous 08/12/21(Thu)03:56:49 No. fg-3T1IXMQU [Report]

Can JPEG XL be enabled now that even current ungoogled-chrome has support for it built-in ( chrome://flags/#enable-jxl)? Supported browsers: https://www.caniuse.com/jpegxl

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Anonymous 08/17/21(Tue)22:35:06 No. fg-F4X08QL1 [Report] >>fg-HUQ35XWJ

>>fg-RT5KQNKG The most efficient image format that is practical to use. This was ~2MB as PNG, now it's ~1MB as JXL. Lossless: https://files.shittyurl.org/z4izory7.jxl If you haven't JXL support enabled in your browser yet, download and feed it into https://squoosh.app/ instead. But if fchan allowed the format, we could directly shitpost with jxl.

File download.jxl (0.04 KB)
Anonymous 09/21/21(Tue)11:06:23 No. fg-KD3MSSWV [Report]


File download.jxl (0.04 KB)
Anonymous #Admin 09/21/21(Tue)11:07:39 No. fg-K9B6LDEK [Report]


File download.jxl (0.04 KB)
Anonymous #Usagi 09/21/21(Tue)11:20:17 No. fg-JHM2HAKU [Report]


File Screenshot_20210923_032355.png (23.44 KB)
Anonymous 09/23/21(Thu)10:26:33 No. fg-HUQ35XWJ [Report]

>>fg-F4X08QL1 avif in real world usage offers better compression ratios compared to jxl, even if the avif encoder is slow as balls. in overall usage (as well as niche professional use cases) id still give jxl the win considering that the encoder is much faster. but for the benefit it offers to people who need to encode, jxl is unduly cuntish to passive consumers who must decode images. i have a massive booru collection ive encoded to both avif and jxl formats, but decoding jxl is more taxing than avif to the extent that dolphin (which i assume is doing something stupid like regenerating thumbnails) spikes the cpu usage to 100 each time the jxl folder is opened, but not on the avif folder. i havent rigorously tested or compared the time it takes to open images in gwenview (its usually negligible for both avif and jxl) but on the really high resolution images it sadly takes many seconds to decode the image (both on avif and jxl) when png or jpg is almost instantaneous. ymmv, im on a core2duo so something made in the last decade may have better results

File: 2021-09-20-095220_459x590_(...).png (66.87 KB)
Anonymous 09/20/21(Mon)13:53:40 No. fb-UUSU289R [Report]

it's gotten to the point where i think i'm replying to posts i made weeks ago. i've fucking lost it

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Anonymous 09/20/21(Mon)23:09:34 No. fb-19VZQDD8 [Report] >>fb-PDDPYJV5

>>fb-UUSU289R (OP) You smoke a lot of weed, or something?

Anonymous 09/22/21(Wed)13:09:56 No. fb-PDDPYJV5 [Report] >>fb-CNUIYA0L

>>fb-19VZQDD8 no, how the fuck am i supposed to remember all the shitposts i make on here

Anonymous 09/22/21(Wed)16:20:58 No. fb-CNUIYA0L [Report] >>fb-4P55EP7L

>>fb-PDDPYJV5 This place gets like 1 post a day....how can you not?

Anonymous 09/22/21(Wed)17:25:51 No. fb-4P55EP7L [Report] >>fb-D3TZ9CBY

>>fb-CNUIYA0L this is what smoking weed does to you don't do that shit

Anonymous 09/22/21(Wed)21:12:55 No. fb-D3TZ9CBY [Report]

>>fb-4P55EP7L That's why I quit weed. The shit is terrible and kills your testosterone. Maybe you should consider quitting or smoking less?

File: external-content.duckduckg(...).duckduckgo.com.jpg (13.06 KB)
i2p chat in biglybt Anonymous 08/31/21(Tue)06:47:10 No. fg-8KLD9D9L [Report]

biglybt chat:anon:?lain wiki https://wiki.biglybt.com/w/Decentralized_Chat it takes a while to load the first time , no servers , no mods , everything is allowed have fun niggers

Anonymous 09/01/21(Wed)02:54:09 No. fg-J3XRGM1M [Report] >>fg-02ZQAIZU

>>fg-8KLD9D9L (OP) no one is online

Anonymous 09/01/21(Wed)03:02:57 No. fg-02ZQAIZU [Report]

>>fg-J3XRGM1M it worked but it takes a lot until it opens

Anonymous 09/03/21(Fri)08:56:32 No. fg-WBXDI0MB [Report]

>>fg-8KLD9D9L (OP) i know biglybt , it's absolutely based , didn't know it has a chat system

Anonymous 09/08/21(Wed)19:49:01 No. fg-VG3Q1UHS [Report] >>fg-QX7DTQCC

>>fg-8KLD9D9L (OP) this thread glows

Anonymous 09/22/21(Wed)19:05:40 No. fg-QX7DTQCC [Report]

>>fg-VG3Q1UHS fuck you also bump

File: 200918-nabu-eissturmvogel-(...).jpeg (28.03 KB)
pfpmd fulmar 08/15/21(Sun)12:53:47 No. fg-JJVO6U52 [Report]

Chat/board about computer related topics. Can work without JS. No captcha. Registration via PoW. http://pfpmd7dd5ijt4add2sfi4djsaij4u3ebvnwvyvuj6aeipe2f5llptkid.onion/ http://pfpmd7dd5ijt4add2sfi4djsaij4u3ebvnwvyvuj6aeipe2f5llptkid.onion/ http://pfpmd7dd5ijt4add2sfi4djsaij4u3ebvnwvyvuj6aeipe2f5llptkid.onion/

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Anonymous 08/29/21(Sun)21:27:20 No. fg-OQ4O58YW [Report]

I had a "-" in my initial nickname, and I didn't realize it was an illegal character until after I tried to submit my proof of work. Now I have to run hashcash again with a valid nickname. The last iteration took me 16 minutes. Oh man.

Anonymous 08/30/21(Mon)10:10:04 No. fg-O7947NJT [Report]

>>fg-JJVO6U52 (OP) Looks nice but its Poccnr only

Anonymous 08/31/21(Tue)22:19:14 No. fg-JJDL5VKA [Report]


Anonymous 09/22/21(Wed)08:52:23 No. fg-WG2RDF0Q [Report] >>fg-I1QAECJC


Anonymous 09/22/21(Wed)19:05:03 No. fg-I1QAECJC [Report]

>>fg-WG2RDF0Q why are you bumping this dead shit i mean i have to install some program and crack some password in order to enter ? why the effort ? come and join the lainchan biglybt chatroom chat:anon:?lain

File: 1628240332889.jpg (279.31 KB)
Anonymous 08/06/21(Fri)14:01:26 No. fg-Z6AG1XMN [Report]

god this is so fucking funny, itoddlers BTFO holy shit. Apple will be scanning every single image in iCloud and iPhoto for child porn / abuse. Still glad you chose an iphone???

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Anonymous 08/09/21(Mon)04:11:01 No. fg-N3BX4CLR [Report] >>fg-V44JKEGD

>>fg-Z6AG1XMN (OP) broke my phone on purpose so that they couldn't find dirt on my (child porn)

Anonymous 08/09/21(Mon)14:09:43 No. fg-V44JKEGD [Report] >>fg-GWES0K0N


Anonymous 08/31/21(Tue)15:34:57 No. fg-7AXM2KBF [Report]

>>fg-N134QK0L >>fg-N134QK0L >>X4QTXH39

Anonymous 09/18/21(Sat)04:01:43 No. fg-GLLRET0H [Report]

>>fg-JFL6BD1C >don't rape kids >WOW THE BRAIN DAMAGE

Anonymous 09/20/21(Mon)23:25:27 No. fg-GWES0K0N [Report]

>>fg-V44JKEGD ye B)


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