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test Anonymous 07/23/21(Fri)06:50:40 No. fb-A6N4DAOV [Report]

>>fprog-6DGBCC91 → does this work?

Anonymous 07/23/21(Fri)06:53:10 No. fb-8OSCWVIR [Report]

>>fprog-7E132B59 → test

Anonymous 07/23/21(Fri)06:56:33 No. fb-QIKN4D8V [Report] >>fb-LAS5RYRD

>>fb-A6N4DAOV (OP) this is nothing

Anonymous 07/23/21(Fri)07:00:15 No. fb-LAS5RYRD [Report] >>fb-A9LHSYX9

>>fb-QIKN4D8V yeah i was trying to reference a post from another board. Not sure if that was intended by the developer. I mean it half works

Anonymous 07/23/21(Fri)07:05:13 No. fb-A9LHSYX9 [Report] >>fb-R2ONIQUB

>>fb-LAS5RYRD Its a known bug

Anonymous 07/23/21(Fri)16:09:41 No. fb-R2ONIQUB [Report]

>>fb-A9LHSYX9 literally nothingburger

File: 1625522674027.jpg (54.52 KB)
soy soy 07/21/21(Wed)18:30:27 No. fb-31FBK2DR [Report]

>here is what the current federation map looks like >i drew this by downloading the following json of every board of every known instance (poopchan seems to be down). >each instance has a color (above it) and each colored line mean the respective instance is pulling. >i will look into a less retarded way to draw a graph. if you know one, leave a suggestion

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Anonymous 07/21/21(Wed)18:51:45 No. fb-7CETOQVL [Report]

>>fb-2TBTJF50 you're right i guess i am autistic

File 940c3970035c1ece7d29c4b689(...).png (237.35 KB)
sage 07/21/21(Wed)19:07:29 No. fb-5SUHX853 [Report]

>>fb-31FBK2DR (OP) Certified idiot retard moment

File 6bf1c3b5654144bc1cb37bb073(...).jpg (133.19 KB)
Anonymous 07/21/21(Wed)21:17:08 No. fb-R29AGLNN [Report] >>fb-95GD5WKH

>>fb-31FBK2DR (OP) i am sorry my thread is triggering you autism fren, but don't worry, i will soon pack up and move to /prog/ also, your drawing is very cute, you seem to have put a some effort editing a soyak just for me, it think it is flattering, thank you

File frens.png (306.49 KB)
Anonymous 07/23/21(Fri)14:44:48 No. fb-95GD5WKH [Report] >>fb-ZFXA8F29

>>fb-R29AGLNN Have a non-watermarked version, fren. Courtesy of Fedorachan.vip.

Anonymous 07/23/21(Fri)15:22:22 No. fb-ZFXA8F29 [Report]

>>fb-95GD5WKH bless you fedifren *tips hat*

File: 4444.png (97.67 KB)
Anonymous 06/07/21(Mon)17:23:40 No. fg-KZL7PF0U [Report]

halfchan/g/ is such a fucking embarrassment holy shit

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Anonymous 07/19/21(Mon)14:27:18 No. fg-LOQMJWUG [Report] >>fg-MPJ0ATWQ

>>fg-KZL7PF0U (OP) 4gag's /g/ mod is an APPLE NIGGER MOD

Anonymous 07/19/21(Mon)16:38:29 No. fg-MPJ0ATWQ [Report]

>>fg-LOQMJWUG that's why fchan is better

Anonymous 07/23/21(Fri)07:16:57 No. fg-LLM6UQJA [Report] >>fg-UICOWAFR

>>fg-ZM6PI5B8 skidchan

Anonymous 07/23/21(Fri)09:28:37 No. fg-N2Y22TOM [Report]

>>fg-2KU3E6DW >8chan is cuckchan False. That was just another name for 4chan. 8chan was derisively called cripplechan.

Anonymous 07/23/21(Fri)12:32:38 No. fg-UICOWAFR [Report]

>>fg-LLM6UQJA I admit, I don't get it

File: 1626972388886.webm (2.79 MB)
Anonymous 07/23/21(Fri)07:49:01 No. fb-AZ5JZSMB [Report]

lol xd

File oFLxMOc-madoka-kaname-4101(...).jpg (99.97 KB)
Anonymous 07/23/21(Fri)08:52:19 No. fb-TTILMSBW [Report]

>>fb-AZ5JZSMB (OP) they took you nightman and you dont belong to them

File: fsf-board-governance.png (142.87 KB)
FSF future governance Anonymous 07/04/21(Sun)19:43:34 No. fg-B8C6D9B1 [Report]

Good news fellow freetards. The FSF hasn't fallen to the woke corporationist but is doubling down on hardline freetardism. https://www.fsf.org/news/fsf-takes-next-step-in-commitment-to-improving-board-governance

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Anonymous 07/05/21(Mon)21:22:32 No. fg-1RAH8O9C [Report]

>>fg-CBW890F8 good to know, i'll check it out

Anonymous 07/05/21(Mon)21:49:29 No. fg-YSCNEKNP [Report]

>>fg-CBW890F8 libtards BTFO tbh fam

Anonymous 07/07/21(Wed)13:10:14 No. fg-TUMK5NM3 [Report]

>>fg-B8C6D9B1 (OP) based

Anonymous 07/23/21(Fri)03:25:17 No. fg-8PBDIMZP [Report] >>fg-ZXHFRO7E

>>fg-B8C6D9B1 (OP) I was pushing the schizo conspiracy theory that FSF takeover was about "or any future version" clauses. Libreboot Leah seemed to pick up on it and is friends with Stallman. Stallman is alerted to the potential loophole and his autism lights up like a BLM looter brain in a Nike outlet. TIL my schizo ranting is personally responsible for Stallman's return, which caused countless assblasts all over HN. I am a /g/od.

Anonymous 07/23/21(Fri)07:04:47 No. fg-ZXHFRO7E [Report]

>>fg-8PBDIMZP Anonymous is responsible. He it cute.

File: niggerchan.png (151.64 KB)
retarderation boards Anonymous 07/23/21(Fri)07:01:29 No. fb-TRE7SXUP [Report]

imagine running a "federated" chan that nobody on the internet gives a fuck about, and needing to shamelessly promote it on cuckchan? amazing levels of faggotry. when will you all be livestreaming your suicides? post links in this thread.

Anonymous 07/23/21(Fri)07:03:46 No. fb-I8ITADZO [Report]

>>fb-TRE7SXUP (OP) cared enough to stop by. cared enough to keep refreshing the page. thanks anon.

sage 07/23/21(Fri)09:55:02 No. fb-JRPTTTPW [Report]

>>fb-TRE7SXUP (OP) >HUUUURR one retarded anon shilling means everyone here is a shill! imagine being an imageboard newfag and then bitching on its behalf elsewhere on the internet please keep your retardation on normiechan

File: NSA1_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqkZd(...).jpg (542.01 KB)
Anonymous 05/27/21(Thu)00:27:48 No. fcc-37S9BI8W [Report]

Nakamoto SAtoshi Nicolas van SAberhagen N SA

Anonymous 07/02/21(Fri)20:08:56 No. fcc-E36X82IV [Report]

yes we know, bitcoin was made by NSA. it makes even more sense when you take into account the use of NIST p256

File satoshi.png (4.88 KB)
Anonymous 07/23/21(Fri)03:40:00 No. fcc-QC2BB089 [Report]

File: 69840275.jpg (20.22 KB)
Anonymous 07/21/21(Wed)02:17:18 No. fb-KJLD52A9 [Report]

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Anonymous 07/21/21(Wed)17:37:10 No. fb-WO23W9B1 [Report] >>fb-BTLWVBJK >>fb-85LE14K9

>>fb-4ETMAJND Imageboards and the internet in general. They're not fun anymore.

Anonymous 07/21/21(Wed)19:18:33 No. fb-BTLWVBJK [Report]

>>fb-WO23W9B1 I have fun on here, but yeah I feel it. Vibes are /weird/ and if you're a pleromaer like me this last week has been ASS online and full of petty drama Hopefully you find something to interest you tho anon

Anonymous 07/22/21(Thu)18:24:43 No. fb-85LE14K9 [Report] >>fb-AM9WGF8E

>>fb-WO23W9B1 literally nothing is fun anymore

Anonymous 07/22/21(Thu)19:31:06 No. fb-AM9WGF8E [Report] >>fb-3238RTC2

>>fb-85LE14K9 you know what could be fun? tip off the smear bloggers that neo nazis are having "fun on the internet" on a site called poopchan.org and then wait. you'll see something magical happen.

Anonymous 07/22/21(Thu)21:43:22 No. fb-3238RTC2 [Report]

>>fb-AM9WGF8E That would be fun you're right

File: 68E322FD-08A3-43F7-9A48-A2(...).jpeg (97.58 KB)
Anonymous 07/21/21(Wed)03:57:17 No. fb-15L3NCUP [Report]

News just ain’t what it used to be anymore

Anonymous 07/21/21(Wed)04:33:18 No. fb-RZ9FWZ3I [Report]

>>fb-15L3NCUP (OP) So true

Anonymous 07/21/21(Wed)08:50:50 No. fb-LLP1FQ56 [Report] >>fb-6S5P8R6B >>fb-BT0A0X0S

>>fb-15L3NCUP (OP) news? more like olds, amirite fedifellas?

Anonymous 07/21/21(Wed)19:07:51 No. fb-6S5P8R6B [Report]

>>fb-LLP1FQ56 here you go

Anonymous 07/22/21(Thu)02:54:16 No. fb-BT0A0X0S [Report]

>>fb-LLP1FQ56 true!! so freaking true!!!!

File: 1625783662544.jpg (95.62 KB)
Anonymous 07/21/21(Wed)15:53:24 No. fb-ZFUD8KD6 [Report]

How's your week going?

Anonymous 07/21/21(Wed)17:34:27 No. fb-CFPIH298 [Report]

I'm eating and sleeping a lot.

Anonymous 07/21/21(Wed)17:54:33 No. fb-3TEJ1A3E [Report]

>>fb-ZFUD8KD6 (OP) i used to know how to draw a rat only using characters (not ascii art, it was just a single short line), but now i can't remember it was something like: <*_)~ but now i forgot the details, it has something else to it

Anonymous 07/21/21(Wed)19:07:58 No. fb-KFZIR7SP [Report]

>>fb-ZFUD8KD6 (OP) Rainy as fuck I keep sleeping

Anonymous 07/21/21(Wed)22:11:36 No. fb-V91MOYTE [Report]

>>fb-ZFUD8KD6 (OP) I haven't done a thing

File: d4a9f7bf0f09ab7bfdfbdfa345(...).jpg (42.59 KB)
Anonymous 07/21/21(Wed)00:12:23 No. fb-L3AUNF9V [Report]

About the US. law rule What happens if my instance of this is out of US jurisdiction, that obviously would not apply to it, right?

Anonymous 07/21/21(Wed)01:22:42 No. fb-RA4YUQ99 [Report]

>>fb-L3AUNF9V (OP) >outside of US jurisdiction doesn't exist, you can't hide from the drone strikes fam

Anonymous 07/21/21(Wed)03:55:49 No. fb-5KYRCC9S [Report] >>fb-0VLCOJ69

>>fb-L3AUNF9V (OP) The fuck is the new U.S. law rule?

Anonymous 07/21/21(Wed)04:16:17 No. fb-0VLCOJ69 [Report]

>>fb-5KYRCC9S >Rules and Agreements: >Do not break any laws of the U.S.A. this

File: left to right override.png (15.55 KB)
Anonymous 07/18/21(Sun)22:09:18 No. fb-BA39W620 [Report]

i kekd

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File anal_blisters.png (24.49 KB)
Anonymous 07/19/21(Mon)16:15:24 No. fb-J494MTIJ [Report] >>fb-A3ZHRLZ8 >>fb-H0R0T5L1

Anonymous 07/19/21(Mon)16:35:15 No. fb-A3ZHRLZ8 [Report]

>>fb-J494MTIJ oh teehee librewolf owns me

Anonymous 07/20/21(Tue)14:31:47 No. fb-H0R0T5L1 [Report] >>fb-T6IZG4EY

>>fb-J494MTIJ oh ok yeah I'm on not chromium so I thought I was just getting a little trolled.Anyone know why chromium is rendering it backwards and not FF?

File 2021-07-20-124142_415x619_(...).png (57.89 KB)
Anonymous 07/20/21(Tue)16:42:01 No. fb-T6IZG4EY [Report] >>fb-4VJUXP8K

>>fb-H0R0T5L1 probably just how the engine renders text

Anonymous 07/20/21(Tue)18:58:43 No. fb-4VJUXP8K [Report]

>>fb-T6IZG4EY Yeah I know that but I wanna know details (they may not be publicly available thats ok)

File: faggot.png (213.61 KB)
Anonymous 07/16/21(Fri)21:48:19 No. fb-5YK04U9B [Report]


Faggot 07/17/21(Sat)10:51:05 No. fb-63NC0K50 [Report]


Anonymous 07/17/21(Sat)16:22:50 No. fb-EQLJ8BRW [Report]

>>fb-5YK04U9B (OP) Faggot

faggot 07/17/21(Sat)20:32:13 No. fb-B1ELYFHQ [Report]


faggy 07/17/21(Sat)20:32:50 No. fb-RNOS29MK [Report]


Anonymous 07/18/21(Sun)08:46:41 No. fb-RCWRISPF [Report]

>>fb-5YK04U9B (OP) Faggot.

File: steamdeck_photo_skus.png (706.58 KB)
Steam Deck Anonymous 07/17/21(Sat)02:17:15 No. fg-CUSQPIBZ [Report]

Have you guys heard about the Steam Deck? It looks like it could blow the switch out of the water. >Arch-based >KDE Plasma I'm not going to get one but damn, I'm excited about what this means for the future of Proton. I hope it isn't dead on arrival. I ESPECIALLY hope anticheat, while dogshit, gets native support so us loonix users can play some good games again. https://www.steamdeck.com/en/

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Anonymous 07/18/21(Sun)01:24:54 No. fg-COJWSIFY [Report]

>>fg-7WD8W87N nigga nintendo requires devs to port their shit to their platform. being linux based makes this irrelevant for steamdeck, especially with proton. valve doesn't have the same barrier to entry that the switch had, but it does have the obstacle that "its just another switch"

Anonymous 07/18/21(Sun)01:29:05 No. fg-HN6ZT3YZ [Report]

>>C9PVETMI >platform problems the fact that every pc game that runs with proton will run on the steamdeck nullifies this. the steamdeck will a quadrillion more games than nintendo has and will already work with steam accounts, so people that have steam will have no problem buying this. remember that most nintendo redditors also probably have a pc and a steam account.

File templeossteamdeck.png (425.93 KB)
nuff said 07/18/21(Sun)02:02:37 No. fg-UBWQBT1M [Report] >>fg-3E2LYR1G >>fg-V0Z8WYQG

Anonymous 07/18/21(Sun)02:45:14 No. fg-3E2LYR1G [Report]

>>fg-UBWQBT1M ok now i HAVE to get it

Anonymous 07/18/21(Sun)08:44:32 No. fg-V0Z8WYQG [Report]

>>fg-UBWQBT1M as long as they keep the resolution, this would be holy based. imagine carrying God's third temple around.

File: 2021-07-16-162428_360x65_s(...).png (7.70 KB)
Anonymous 07/16/21(Fri)20:25:18 No. fg-MYQE7LXI [Report]

This is a genuine complaint against Void Linux. fucking top kek https://www.slant.co/versus/2722/22464/~void-linux_vs_artix-linux

Anonymous 07/16/21(Fri)23:05:48 No. fg-L4ECTSZM [Report] >>fg-VBD1ILWI

>>fg-MYQE7LXI (OP) Yeah I use void and I have a problem with the packaging. Its totally controlled by the devs and that means its aggressively biased.

Anonymous 07/17/21(Sat)19:27:32 No. fg-VBD1ILWI [Report]

>>fg-L4ECTSZM xbps-src nigger

Anonymous 07/17/21(Sat)19:27:58 No. fg-38JH9MWX [Report] >>fg-SKDS9TRZ

>>fg-MYQE7LXI (OP) slant is worthless, void has worse things than just that

Anonymous 07/17/21(Sat)20:29:30 No. fg-SKDS9TRZ [Report] >>fg-I6ILXPWP

>>fg-38JH9MWX my point being Brave is dogshit and this is a braindead complaint

Anonymous 07/17/21(Sat)23:29:34 No. fg-I6ILXPWP [Report]

>>fg-SKDS9TRZ nah brave can be good. by default i'd say its better than firefox, but librefox beats both either way so eh. wish void packaged more stuff


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