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Anonymous 08/06/21(Fri)21:06:17 No. fb-QLE1Z9D0 [Report]

What do you think about the amount of grifters out there? Has it increased in recent years? It seems like more than ever people are being dishonest with their views to deceive for profit. Are they to be admired because they are winning the game? After getting older you see the grifters more often and it's exhausting. Is this what life is? Swindle as much as you can for profit? It makes me realize the true target demographic are young impressionable people. It's like some type of mind control. I'm amazed the lengths grifters can go. Charisma must be the best stat. But there seems to be a timespan that they have. They cannot grift forever. Their grift only works for a small portion of time, maybe a few decades at most. This thread has not point and is not trying to sell you something.

Anonymous 08/06/21(Fri)22:31:45 No. D71JAN5I [Report]

>>fb-QLE1Z9D0 (OP) I'd rather work behind the scenes as much as possible and use charisma when necessary to grease the wheels.

Anonymous 08/07/21(Sat)18:42:05 No. fb-F1G2TCW6 [Report]

>>fb-QLE1Z9D0 (OP) I think that if you can do it consistently it's a talent

File: dbc1e5cbb04c967776ce73318f(...).gif (118.30 KB)
Attempt at creating a FChannel local client Anonymous 07/28/21(Wed)04:30:40 No. fprog-DK37PT1F [Report]

I am done with FCHAM, so I have started a new project: a client for FChannel. My idea is to allow you to subscribe to instance's boards by specifying (in a configuration file maybe) which outboxes to download, after that the client will download the outboxes and build an HTML page of for you. My idea is that the HTML will be static, local, and without javascript. It may download attached files locally idk. I don't intend to let you post replies from the client (I don't even know how I would do that), but it can link to the post so you can reply from its instance. It doesn't seen too hard to build these pages, I think I will take a look at the server's repo and just translate code from it. You can check it out here http://git.p6nhckzlonbw72mhxqcyfa474ssavlnud6tvpmhjzf37r2zyz2ommtqd.onion/fchan-client/log.html, but to say it is currently barebones would be overestimating it. Anyway, I like to put puns on the names of my projects, but I am lacking inspiration for this one (fchan-client is too inane for my taste), any suggestions?

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Anonymous 08/05/21(Thu)16:24:13 No. fprog-YM5JLIUV [Report]

>>fprog-BGF9J6ZQ sounds awesome, i'll check it out on the weekend

Anonymous 08/07/21(Sat)00:11:28 No. fprog-RO2OPAB6 [Report] >>fprog-KHPQKD94

it is live http://git.p6nhckzlonbw72mhxqcyfa474ssavlnud6tvpmhjzf37r2zyz2ommtqd.onion/fbi/file/README.html

File 2021-08-06-202151_371x272_(...).png (16.14 KB)
Anonymous 08/07/21(Sat)00:22:26 No. fprog-KHPQKD94 [Report] >>fprog-6YOT70KH >>fprog-P8K726I4

>>fprog-RO2OPAB6 got it, have a weird issue. I have lua-cjson 5.3 but for some reason fbi only seems to look for 5.2 and won't run with 5.3

Anonymous 08/07/21(Sat)00:44:37 No. fprog-6YOT70KH [Report]

>>fprog-KHPQKD94 i think the problem is that you are running it with lua 5.2 i use lua 5.4 and it looks for modules in similar paths, except it is /5.4/ instead of /5.2/

Anonymous 08/07/21(Sat)01:08:20 No. fprog-P8K726I4 [Report]

>>fprog-KHPQKD94 >fbi:4:package.cpath = package.cpath..';.deps/?.so' if you can find where cjson.so is on your system, you can append it to this line similar to what i did. the '?' will substitute for the filename. or, you know, just use the lua-cjson version that comes with.

File: 1623245256855.png (1.66 MB)
Anonymous 06/22/21(Tue)13:25:33 No. fg-8CX2JLQF [Report]

What do you guys think of Mental Outlaw? Are there any genuinely good tech youtubers out there? Linus is a consoomer shill, Luke Smith is a pretentious ass, every other one is either boring as fuck or super annoying. Mental Outlaw is the only one I've found to be consistently interesting, and funny.

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Anonymous 07/24/21(Sat)03:24:51 No. fg-SAUXH688 [Report]

>>fg-W8H1MO1J Yeah OP here, I'm already sick of Mental Outlaw

Anonymous 07/24/21(Sat)12:36:09 No. fg-93Y0JSJ8 [Report]

tbh Top Shelf Technology is the only genuine youtuber I know

Anonymous 08/05/21(Thu)00:25:42 No. fg-H6R73RCK [Report]

babyWogue is the only Linux youtuber left still entertaining

Anonymous 08/07/21(Sat)00:20:03 No. fg-ACA8WK85 [Report] >>fg-74K0Z7RZ

>>fg-8CX2JLQF (OP) >Are there any genuinely good tech youtubers out there no

Anonymous 08/07/21(Sat)00:33:26 No. fg-74K0Z7RZ [Report]

>>fg-ACA8WK85 yeah i quickly moved on from liking tech youtubers

File: EDF5D262-5C22-466B-87D8-3E(...).jpeg (197.78 KB)
Anonymous 08/06/21(Fri)14:01:07 No. fb-OHR2ZZ2B [Report]

I don’t like how this book starts. It introduces programming as a means to make money, using corrupt businesses as an example. Programming is a means for advancing society, not to make money from it to do who knows what. If you want to make money, just go to businesses school; making a big corporation shouldn’t be the reason why anyone learns to code.

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Anonymous 08/06/21(Fri)14:10:09 No. fb-DL7OFAJG [Report] >>fb-V5JGYHX5

>>fb-C1TW24MS Coding all in one for dummies

Anonymous 08/06/21(Fri)15:37:26 No. fb-V5JGYHX5 [Report]

>>fb-DL7OFAJG well there's your problem, read some good books

Anonymous 08/06/21(Fri)17:10:50 No. fb-H4AF6W0Y [Report]

Are you learning programming now or just brushing up on the basics? If it is the latter, I lean more on the hacker ethos that you should learn programming by writing programs: get a list of challenges or somesuch and try them. If you can't, scrounge the net for ideas. If it is the former, a book with "for dummies" in the title is the worst way to go about it, they are usually aimed at normalcattle looking to have a shallow yet workable understanding of the subject (hence the rhetoric you saw). Even for a beginner I still encourage the hacker method of learning because I believe programming is closer to art than to science, technical knowledge alone won't get you anywhere, writing programs is still very much a writing skill, so you need to read and write a lot to develop it, that means not only writing you own programs, but also reading other people's, studying them, and learning from them.

Anonymous 08/06/21(Fri)17:58:49 No. fb-ST5XPXM2 [Report] >>fb-KHOV79UD

>>fb-OHR2ZZ2B (OP) normie niggers associate coding with becoming rich, what were you expecting. read a better book or take a better course

Anonymous 08/06/21(Fri)19:34:51 No. fb-KHOV79UD [Report]

>>fb-ST5XPXM2 this. programming is a philosophy. if your interested in getting rich quick go gamble in stocks

File: 5806e8bfe0e20d8d5d6674d0e7(...).jpg (49.18 KB)
Rope is the name, death is the game Anonymous 08/01/21(Sun)02:51:57 No. fb-IXB1ZRMF [Report]

Not allowed to go outside, family gives me too much shit but don't follow their own rules. I haven't spoken to anyone meaningful or been outside in a month. I want to crawl out of my skin I feel like shit 24/7 but I have class I can't skip out on. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Anonymous 08/05/21(Thu)13:38:26 No. fb-4FVXYT0W [Report]

>>fb-IXB1ZRMF (OP) why aren't you allowed outside?

Anonymous 08/05/21(Thu)16:23:18 No. fb-CT57KFVD [Report]

>>fb-IXB1ZRMF (OP) how old are you? literally just put on a mask and walk out you dummy

Anonymous 08/05/21(Thu)17:14:43 No. fvip-1WVZ7RH6 [Report] >>fb-NLDXYSJU

>>fb-IXB1ZRMF (OP) come to NEET https://bbs.killthepresident.club/neet we have your back.

Anonymous 08/06/21(Fri)14:13:05 No. fb-NLDXYSJU [Report]

>>fvip-1WVZ7RH6 you have a glow, too

File: 1200px-Text_document_with_(...).svg.png (54.76 KB)
Anonymous 04/28/21(Wed)16:41:05 No. fg-292GKEZ6 [Report]

Are there any good open source apps for viewing Word documents, etc. on Android? OnlyOffice looked good, but apparently their mobile app is closed source.

Anonymous 05/07/21(Fri)07:22:40 No. fg-BEFICWTC [Report] >>fg-8022MN6X

LibreOffice? If you don't like the app you can always run a X server and LibreOffice via Termux

Anonymous 05/07/21(Fri)21:51:43 No. fg-8022MN6X [Report]

>>fg-BEFICWTC Do you mean this one? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.collabora.libreoffice

File 46136414313338.png (211.42 KB)
Anonymous 05/20/21(Thu)07:51:57 No. fg-CCX7F0P2 [Report] >>fg-EMNWO0KK

>>fg-292GKEZ6 (OP) document viewer on F-droid. works great.

Anonymous 07/02/21(Fri)07:54:08 No. fg-EMNWO0KK [Report]

>>fg-CCX7F0P2 this. Werks pretty good. Also, check Markor if you want.

Anonymous 08/05/21(Thu)15:29:07 No. fg-0HSA42LM [Report]

>>fg-292GKEZ6 (OP) I use LibreOffice Viewer https://f-droid.org/en/packages/org.documentfoundation.libreoffice/

File: leet-black_haxxor.jpg (55.93 KB)
Anonymous 06/23/21(Wed)05:10:46 No. fg-LHGRW5CX [Report]

what is best replacement for space in filenames, dashes or underscore?

Anonymous 08/05/21(Thu)09:13:57 No. fg-GVIUEDEE [Report] >>fg-T4VMBNV7

>>fg-LZVF28UL >>fg-E84QXVC8 >>fg-UKLFYBZS >>fg-KBBR3DAU mixedCase_is-Best_Case

Anonymous 08/05/21(Thu)09:29:14 No. fg-4ASN3YN0 [Report]

Why not both?

Anonymous 08/05/21(Thu)13:01:11 No. fg-T4VMBNV7 [Report]

>>fg-GVIUEDEE literally the worst if you use the CLI alot to traverse directories

File: 1608761311117.jpg (39.44 KB)
Anonymous 01/19/21(Tue)00:05:04 No. fg-B9ADF187 [Report]

Is technology good for you?

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Anonymous 07/07/21(Wed)13:17:03 No. fg-DAU72RDG [Report]

>>fg-B9ADF187 (OP) no

Anonymous 07/29/21(Thu)15:10:10 No. fg-DA11WXS1 [Report]

>>fg-299SNTEP https://nitter.net/dulctdoll/status/1329206403441905664

Anonymous 08/05/21(Thu)00:19:34 No. fg-9NVC5ZXJ [Report]

>>fg-DA11WXS1 thanks anon

Anonymous 08/05/21(Thu)09:30:39 No. fg-Z66ORURO [Report]

>>fg-B9ADF187 depends on the technology in question

Anonymous 08/05/21(Thu)09:31:57 No. fg-2SAEF6KJ [Report]

not properly handling manual post refs? bad tech! Captcha: NAME

File: logo.png (40.79 KB)
Anonymous 07/29/21(Thu)21:04:18 No. M0GN1G1W [Report]

https://kozin1.space/ Tor: http://kozinmswacmsxglvocknk6mmljk2ompgeqnbvrmybfjceyzwbmkdvzad.onion/

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sage 08/01/21(Sun)18:10:39 No. fb-3D1ZSD5Z [Report] >>fb-4UY11RKS

>>fb-35IXJDUG >>fb-5R9DF7J3 funny how the "dead" federated instances are still up while every single centralized le ebin tor instance gets shut down in a week. honestly kill yourselves you're so worthless

Anonymous 08/02/21(Mon)15:09:02 No. fb-4UY11RKS [Report]

>>fb-3D1ZSD5Z literally this, making an instance strengthens the network you dumb niggers, as long as there are still active boards that multiple websites share, the instances aren't dead

Anonymous 08/03/21(Tue)03:23:09 No. fb-3SXWCHN9 [Report]

>>M0GN1G1W (OP) Glow nigger.

Anonymous 08/04/21(Wed)20:30:06 No. fb-FKHU0YD3 [Report]


Anonymous 08/05/21(Thu)04:49:58 No. fb-B7ECS19C [Report]


File: 3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion.jpeg (13.89 KB)
Anonymous 08/05/21(Thu)04:05:46 No. fb-KHS0V8PD [Report]

do whatever you want with this info name: shezad allaudin home address: 4806 commonwealth ave la canada flintridge ca 91011 biz address: 865 s figueroa st ste 2600 los angeles ca 90017 phone: 2135980014

Anonymous 08/05/21(Thu)21:49:16 No. AJUPQH0X [Report]


File: th.jpeg (14.90 KB)
How do you /g/uys post on 4chan Anonymous 07/30/21(Fri)19:02:01 No. fg-05M6L79B [Report]

No matter what I do I always get this message. >Posting from your IP range has been blocked due to abuse. I have tried VPN with different regions but it still throws the same error.

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Anonymous 08/03/21(Tue)19:19:13 No. fg-KGE08GXJ [Report]

>>fg-05M6L79B (OP) this is the biggest reason why I cbf posting on 4chan anymore

Anonymous 08/04/21(Wed)02:23:35 No. fg-RPYYWS4Y [Report] >>fg-8YEYF5E3

>>fg-14YSVU99 Same, i'm very pleased with how much it's increased, and i wish it to continue further

Anonymous 08/04/21(Wed)19:45:25 No. fg-8YEYF5E3 [Report]

>>fg-RPYYWS4Y I try to post here frequently but if there are no new conversations happening I don't have a reason to come back.

Anonymous 08/04/21(Wed)19:58:16 No. fg-J0VHI9HX [Report] >>fg-X0I9RARU

>>fg-05M6L79B (OP) just post here you fucking nigger >inb4 it's too slow maybe if you posted here it wouldn't be slow

Anonymous 08/05/21(Thu)00:17:58 No. fg-X0I9RARU [Report]

>>fg-J0VHI9HX but i'm posting already and still is too slow

File: de152af5156bbc7ca1e1466eeb(...).jpg (111.22 KB)
shit that triggers my autism Anonymous 07/26/21(Mon)05:29:30 No. fprog-XPQ580EN [Report]


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Anonymous 07/30/21(Fri)19:12:44 No. fprog-Y0WKE26Q [Report] >>fprog-ESJKTPT6

>>fprog-D233KMJM ATOM / Jsonfeed

Anonymous 07/31/21(Sat)15:23:40 No. fprog-ESJKTPT6 [Report] >>fprog-EEVDRCJI

>>fprog-Y0WKE26Q literally nothing, does not even do the same thing. kill yourself actual worthless faggot

Anonymous 08/01/21(Sun)10:16:31 No. fprog-EEVDRCJI [Report]

>>fprog-ESJKTPT6 retardpilled

Anonymous 08/03/21(Tue)02:11:17 No. fprog-LCG07ESI [Report]

>>fprog-D233KMJM > so what's the alternative Errr, e-mail?

Anonymous 08/04/21(Wed)23:21:49 No. fprog-G7HLCCPG [Report]

>>fprog-D233KMJM usenet

File: 157-5741_IMG.JPG (62.85 KB)
Anonymous 07/30/21(Fri)08:54:19 No. fg-U4A0Q1M9 [Report]

Reminder that he is too good for this world and we do not deserve him.

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File 1200px-Richard_Stallman_-_(...).jpg (504.20 KB)
Anonymous 07/31/21(Sat)14:24:47 No. fg-T3K353O8 [Report]

>>fg-U4A0Q1M9 (OP) Music, dance, oration, creating a world changing movement through software; is there anything that he can't do?

Anonymous 07/31/21(Sat)21:17:22 No. fg-N1PKLTCA [Report] >>fg-GMMYWHDA

>>fg-OZC77A3O Hoarders can get piles of money 🎶🎶

Anonymous 08/01/21(Sun)06:43:47 No. fg-GMMYWHDA [Report]

>>fg-N1PKLTCA That is true, hackers, that is true. But they cannot help their neighbors; That's not good, hackers, that's not good.🎶🎶🎶🎶

Anonymous 08/01/21(Sun)09:46:44 No. fg-Z8IFADLP [Report] >>fg-PLM2EO0J


Anonymous 08/04/21(Wed)20:15:09 No. fg-PLM2EO0J [Report]

>>fg-Z8IFADLP basado

File: 1625814291874.jpg (78.88 KB)
Sneedacity General - federated sneeding edition Anonymous 07/10/21(Sat)23:11:25 No. fg-J1IFZCVI [Report]

Sneedacity https://github.com/Sneeds-Feed-and-Seed/sneedacity >Mirrors https://gitlab.com/sneeds-feed-and-seed/sneedacity https://codeberg.org/Sneeds-Feed-and-Seed/sneedacity Check the other mirrors at: https://github.com/Sneeds-Feed-and-Seed/sneedacity/issues/95 >Binaries https://nightly.link/Sneeds-Feed-and-Seed/sneedacity/actions/runs/1012473619/Sneedacity_Ubuntu_18.04_1012473619_793c4fa https://nightly.link/Sneeds-Feed-and-Seed/sneedacity/actions/runs/1012473619/Sneedacity_Windows_64bit_1012473619_793c4fa https://nightly.link/Sneeds-Feed-and-Seed/sneedacity/actions/runs/1012473619/Sneedacity_macOS_Intel_1012473619_793c4fa >Packages https://job.tilde.team/sneedacity/ https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Sneeds-Feed-and-Seed/sneedacity/master/pkg/arch/sneedacity-git/PKGBUILD >Webpage https://sneedacity.org https://monokumabear.github.io/sneedacityWebpage/ https://github.com/MonokumaBear/sneedacityWebpage >Mental Outlaw's review of Sneedacity https://odysee.com/@AlphaNerd:8/audacity-gets-sneeded:9 [YouTube] Audacity Gets Sneeded (embed) >SIMP (Formerly CHIMP) https://github.com/Sneeds-Feed-and-Seed/SIMP >Development chatrooms https://matrix.to/#/#sneedacity:matrix.org https://web.libera.chat/#sneedacity #sneedacity @ irc.libera.chat:6697 >SNEED Pleroma Instance https://sneed.social/ >Contact developers https://4chan.org/g/sneed >SneedSynth - Music made in Sneedacity and Nyquist https://www.sneedsynth.club/ >QRD 4chan forked Audacity nothing else happened "Seems like these teenagers are committing real code out of pure rage. How long can they keep this up?" -voov1ce, a proud pledditor

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Anonymous 07/13/21(Tue)14:52:12 No. fg-VX0X9HO0 [Report] >>fg-8HDDO8JQ

Also, does Sneedacity offer any advantages or disadvantages compared to other forks of Audacity, such as Tenacity or cookieengineer's Audacity fork?

Anonymous 07/14/21(Wed)15:43:31 No. fg-8HDDO8JQ [Report]

>>fg-VX0X9HO0 removed conan

Anonymous 07/15/21(Thu)18:39:49 No. fg-4CHLBZGD [Report]

This is a test please ignore

Anonymous 08/04/21(Wed)20:07:46 No. fg-O638J8A0 [Report]

>>fg-J1IFZCVI (OP) what happened to the generals on F-Bchan?

Anonymous 08/04/21(Wed)20:13:37 No. fg-QZET9IX0 [Report]

>Sneedacity based retards

File: Tor.jpeg (21.99 KB)
What's your experience with tor? Anonymous 07/24/21(Sat)23:21:10 No. fg-ZT96R1AO [Report]

I have my entire computer routed through TOR. And I also use the tor browser(using a bridge) as my daily browser. I have no desire to view onion sites or anything. I just like privacy in the same way I don't like people checking my emails or text messages. It's okay to know my phone number, it's okay to know my email, it's okay for my isp to know I use the internet. But it's not okay for them to track me. I don't even watch porn. I just hate being stalked. Now, how do you like/hate tor?

Anonymous 07/24/21(Sat)23:42:36 No. fg-I2W5ZORO [Report]

>>fg-ZT96R1AO (OP) based schizochad. yea i just watched childporn once, no biggie. want to use it more often though, there's nice darknet sites out there

Anonymous 07/25/21(Sun)02:20:21 No. fg-XMUAF5U1 [Report]

I use it for nanochan

Anonymous 07/25/21(Sun)03:37:13 No. fg-NI0EK7WE [Report]

>>fg-ZT96R1AO (OP) this is pretty based tbh, i'd definitely consider this for something like a laptop, combined with qubes or something. but for your main desktop? i couldn't stand that HELL YOU'RE NOT EVEN USING THE TOR INSTANCE

Anonymous 08/04/21(Wed)20:10:43 No. fg-VAOXCJDR [Report]

>>fg-ZT96R1AO (OP) Wow, if you don't even use onion sites and you constantly use tor-over-tor for browsing the clearnet you're in fact reducing your privacy.


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